November 10, 2005

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, I found this framed painting at Ikea and thought it must have universal appeal. Jordan and Emily were here in LA visiting at the time of purchase, and I had to plead my case to Jordan to convince him that it was an interesting piece of art. When I got it home, Spike didn't like it at all.

Since then, the reviews from our company have been cautious. I'm curious to see if I am the only one who thinks there is anything remotely compelling about this piece or if my love of abstract art has just gone too far. When I look at it, I see a bare city alleyway flanked by two vibrant, old skyscraper apartment-type buildings. It would be impersonal except for the ladder in between the two that connects them and their tenants. It just reminds me of all the cool old cities I have been to like Venice, NYC and London and how the only good city is an old city and if it weren't for the people living there, the cities would die a cold, black and white death. Even if there wasn't some type of real world representation in it for me, I think the vivid colors alone would merit it a place on my wall.

So what say ye? Abstract yumminess or big waste of wall space?


Adrienne Evans said...

Abstract yumminess. Remember, you're married to a lawyer. They (atleast the ones I know) aren't terribly fond of the abstract (harder to argue.) Also, Jordan is a guy who COULD NOT see the value of singer Van Morrison in high school, so I feel perhaps his taste is, in general, suspect. ;)

Basic Black with Pearls said...

A.Y. here too. I remember you climbing the walls of the buildings in a certiain Italian alley. Hmm, I'll see if I can find the picture... Okay. I found it. So this explains perfectly why you loved that painting. It brought back a memory of when you and your dear mumsie explored Venice together; when your Ma said,
"Just walk around and explore. There is no getting lost in this town!"

Jimberly said...

I like that painting

Mary B said...

Sarah, I'm so glad you've got a blog! Finally!

About the painting, I don't much like it but that's why its on your wall and not mine. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Read here...I can appreciate it's artistic value. Whether it looks good in your apartment depends on the space, furniture, decor and above all the color scheme. However, it could be perfect in a certain setting. I like my brother, but I must say All Adam's taste is in his mouth.

Audrey said...

i like the painting sarah bought. i'd be interested to know the dimensions. Its hard to tell without seeing the work in person, but from the picture, the colors look well chosen. the space is divided a bit more symmetrically than i prefer personally, but i think its a nice little piece. what i like most of all is sarah's personal view of the work. i think its wonderful when someone connects so intimitely with a painting, and completes the creative process by adding their own interpretation. i hope people feel a connection like that when they see my work. anyway, i think it was a great purchase since the experience sarah has with the work is so moving for her. if i felt that kind of connection to a painting, i'd buy it too. of course she'll get mixed reviews because everyone is unique, so naturally their taste also varies