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Finding a new mantra

Breath in: I am Special.
Breath out: I am Strong
Breath in: I am Special
Breath out: I am Strong
Repeated for about 5 minutes daily for meditation and mindfulness.

I did this for years and this particular mantra always felt really exciting and energizing to me.  Until I realized I was poisoning my brain with these words.  As nice as it sounds to think "I'm special" it's a completely toxic mentality that implies that I'm somehow better than someone else.  And by repeating to myself "I'm strong" I was inadvertently reminding myself that weakness is to be avoided.  I was shocked to one day realize that my mantra had been making me sicker.  More disconnected, less willing to display vulnerability and less able to allow myself the human experience.

I have a friend who is also a recovering binge eater and we were talking one day about how helpful mindfulness and meditation is for the process of overcoming toxic emotions.  We were comparing notes on how we…

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