November 26, 2005

Finally! On to Christmas

The turkey leftovers are almost gone, the holiday guests have gone home, and I have finally been able to bust out the old Christmas tree and get the house decked limb from limb. The tree was assembled less than an hour after the Thanksgiving company left - and we are going to get our Christmas card photo taken tomorrow so I'll be able to actually get the card out before Christmas. For all my friends out there with new and strange addresses, leave me your mailing address and I'll make sure not to forget you.

Spike is very good-naturedly going along with my Christmas mania. Today we spent about 3 hours buying him his first tuxedo for his work Christmas party next weekend. I'm married to a handsome beast. Now the only challenge is finding a comparable dress for myself for the black tie affair. I've been looking for a week or so now, but everything is too low cut, too high cut, or just too skanky. Am I really the only shopper out there who doesn't want to look like a tart? Wish me luck - or just recommend a store that markets to us prudish types.

1 comment:

Catherine said...

You should try Anthropologie for fun fashion that favors modest layers of funk