November 27, 2005

First Family Photo

The last time Spike and I set out to get an official photo taken was for our engagement photos 5 years ago but now since we have a baby, I guess we need to start doing this every year. We had one of our friends, Jake take some photos of us after church so we can do that cute little thing and send out the family photo on the Christmas card. I think they turned out pretty well even though we only had about 5 minutes and random light to do it.
I was very tempted to photo shop whiter teeth, less blemishes, and fewer flyaways, but thought I'd let technology rest this time and just let the true tarter shine through. I hope you guys appreciate that.

With all my talking, I still have blank Christmas cards left from 2 Christmases ago so I don't know what the real chance is that I'll actually be able to take on this project this year, but I'm always about high hopes. Oh, and by the way - everyone has to send me their Christmas cards too because my favorite decoration during the holidays is to string up all the cards on our wall and look at your beautiful faces all month! Send away :)Our neighbors here in the complex are all gone for the holidays and we are bored out of our skulls without them. To deaden the pain, the posts will come fast and furious until they return.


Adrienne said...

Sarah... You're... wearing a turtleneck? In California?? I didn't think they had those there.

Adrienne said...
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