December 11, 2005

Binge Barbie

Okay. So I'm on this diet because I was sick of walking around for the past year with 20 pounds left over from my pregnancy on my buns. I lost almost 20 pounds in the last 2 months because I just stopped eating sugar/bread/flour (okay, okay, it's the Atkins diet). I was feeling really good about myself until this past week when I foolishly hosted 2 parties at my house.

I forgot that people leave the leftovers on your table when they leave. Between the homemade fudge and the steaming wassil, and the good company I totally lost my head, my will power, an my self esteem. Four days later, I am sitting here with smudges of white chocolate on my lips, gingerbread under my fingernails, and an empty bowl of ice cream in front of me.

I am a failure.

And it's SOOO worth it!

Thank goodness for the concept of tomorrow. Supposedly, I'm going to make a fresh start at the dawn of day and the idea has me running to the kitchen to find any scraps of fudge that I missed. All you hoity-toities out there who have not had the priviledge to go on diets are out there shaking your heads and thinking how dumb I am, but I swear - this is the best way to live. All the rush of losing the weight, and all the forbidden pleasure of putting it on again in less than 24 hours. I amaze myself. If it can happen to Barbie, it can happen to anyone. Get off your high horses.


Mary B said...

sarah, looking forward to experiencing all your whit and wisdom in person this Christmas! (Please take a vaykay from Atkins while your in TX!!)

Mary B said...

I think I spelled wit wrong. Yikes.