December 4, 2005

Office Christmas Party

So it's finally over and actually wasn't as socially burdensome as anticipated. Spike's firm had their big Christmas dinner event. It was held at the California Club in downtown LA. I guess this club is The Place for the snobby rich white guys who own the city. His firm rented the place for the night and I've to to say, it was quite a venue. Beautiful 50 foot ceilings, amazing huge fireplaces, over the top Christmas decoration and of course, wonderful food and service.

We spent WAY too much time stressing over our outfits. We got Spike a spankin new tux and I bought myself a gown. Now we just have to think up more occasions to wear our new duds so we can get our money's worth out of them. We're thinking of getting some tickets to the Messiah in a few weeks at the Disney Concert Hall. Or just anything. We look gud!


Mary B said...

Sarah, I want to see a full shot of your dress, It looks beautiful! More photos?

Mary B said...

Okay, I found the link to the other photo of your dress. Nice!

adrienne said...

Is that the stylin' Michael Kors number you told me about? HOT.

Bethany Malouf said...

wow! fantastic dress! Bravo