December 1, 2005

Christmas Sales and Shopping

Or so says the duck Ferdinand from the movie Babe. But I think the fowl was on to something. These stores have it all figured out. You come in, but say $50 worth of stuff, and when you check out they give you a coupon that you can only use the next week for another 50% off your future purchase. Then of course you have to come back, and the cycle repeats itself. Which makes the roads and stores simply chaotic during the Christmas season.

Don't even get me started on Costco. I physically got ran over by a shopping cart the other day and the lady didn't even bat an eye. She was too intent on getting some deal on bulk paper towels that she thought I was going after. The life-size, tinsel covered reindeer in her cart looked just as bloodthirsty. The tank-sized carts everyone weilds does not help the problem. I am seriously thinking of getting Costco to get a bouncer at the door to prevent those pregnant or under 100 pounds from entering because of the physical hazzards they will undoubtedly encounter.

But does risk of life and limb keep me (or anyone) from the sales? It would be hard to believe that anyone is simply sitting at home with their families sipping hot cocco and singing carols with the mayhem I see on the streets, but I have to hope that they are. Whoever you are, I give you credit for your restraint and obvious willpower to avoid the HUGE SALE!! TODAY ONLY propoganda. I'm falling for it hook line and sinker. Merry Christmas and a happy credit card bill. Baby just woke up. Bye.

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Anonymous said...

You have to spend all your lawyer money on something- might as well get the best deals!