December 19, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... MRS. LAMP!

Well folks, it's happened. I've snapped like a Thanksgiving wishbone.

Pixie decided not to nap at all today and the outcome was... well.. not pretty. Amidst all the fussing, I remembered when I was about 4 years old and had an alter-ego, Mrs. Lamp. I kept a simple white lamp shade on the post of my bed and whenever I was feeling like disappearing, I would stick it on my head, affect an unknown accent, and parade around the house reprimanding anyone who dared address me as Hollywood. As anyone could clearly see, I was Mrs. Lamp.

So anyways, I'm on this little trip down memory lane and the next thing I know I'm in the bathroom digging up all my nastiest makeup, smearing sparkly blue eyeshadow on the entire northern hemisphere of my head, and getting giggly. Luckily, I have one or two lampshades in my house. I paraded into Pixie's room and got the laugh of the century. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm nuts, but she seems to enjoy it. I can't wait to see what psycological coping mechanism she comes up with to deal with her crazy mother. Family counseling, here we come!


Clyde said...

My girls just loved Mrs. Lamp's picture.
My 2 year old Rachel can't stop repeating... "funny girl" "silly clown" while Claire and Helen
are totally convinced you're a cooooooool cousin!

Anonymous said...

WOW. You win the ultimate prize. PLEASE, MRS. LAMP, COME TO UTAH FOR CHRISTMAS --- WE WANT TO SEE YOU! -- Jordan (p.s. Lampie, I like your cd, thanks.)

Ben Everton said...

Yet more grist for the mill of Penelope's psychosis.

Actually, this is the kind of thing that indicates what a good mom you are because you are willing to channel your rage into fun and cute and attentive things instead of cigaretts and soap operas.

Don't say you don't like having your head shrunk by a 24 year old boy.

But Mrs. Lamp is more evidence that maybe I am better off happily wedded to an X-Box.

Basic Black with Pearls said...

And here is the real thing: I give you, Sarah Christine at the tender age of 4: Click to see the original Mrs. Lamp. Arf.