December 22, 2005


I have created a monster. I put a little tag at the bottom of the site that lets me see how many people are coming to my site each day. You wouldn't think something less than an inch wide could become my overlord yet, is has assumed that very position with terrifying gusto. It's pretty simple. If I post, I get visitors. If not, my site wallows alone and afraid in the world of cyber-nothingness. After all the work I've put into the site, the last thing I can stomach is for it not to get any credit, so I am driven every day to come up with new, exciting content to lure fair reader. So much for this blog being all about us. It's about YOU. YOU YOU YOU!!! I always wind up with the charity cases. So maybe you should tell me then - what do you want to hear? Nevermind that it's a family site or that I like to be in control of my creative processes. You don't care about that. In the words of the gladiator "Are You Not ENTERTAINED?" I'll do anything for you, really. You want my credit card information? You want to know the real reason I married Spike? You want a webcam to Pixie's crib? Just ask. My love for creative writing has been consumed by the voracious hunger of the statistic tracker. I am corporate Hollywood. I am Geraldo. I am the McDonald's salad. I am the fully automatic Corvette. I am Cliff Notes. I am nothing.


Adrienne said...

I'm entertained! I don't even LIKE kids and I'm entertained.

Speaking of entertained, I'll be getting in to D-Town on Christmas Eve. What are you up to on Boxing Day?

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. you are sooo funny. you are mcdonalds salad. that's rich

Anonymous said...

You are weird. And funny.

Anonymous said...

sarah! I love your site, it makes my day! your kid is the cutest ive ever seen!
merry christmas,