December 7, 2005

We're all Gonna DIE!

Let me just start by saying, WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!

Okay, okay, so maybe not all of us. But today after reading a particularly gloomy article from USA Today about the unstoppable Bird Flu epidemic, I've been a little shakey.

Spike and I have 20 gallons of water stored and about 20 boxes of yummy cereal but that's about it. I've been doing research all morning to find out what exactly I need to have stored to sustain my little family through the seemingly inevitable quarantine that we'll be stuck in. The list I've compiled just in the past hour seems immense and financially impossible. This is all striking me with more force now that I'm a mom and actually in charge of making sure that my one year old doesn't suffer from our lack of preparedness. I'm not talking about just food here - there are hundereds of other items that seem to be essential that are way out of our budget: wheat grinders, generators, dehydrators, fuel, lanterns, stoves. And where are you supposed to put all this stuff? A family of three needs at least 60 gallons of water stored up - but that will probably last less than a month. That's a massive amount of storage space.

What to do, what to do. I called Spike this morning and told him I'd be making a panicky Costco run today to at least get the basic wheat, beans, oil, dry milk, salt and sugar. I really hope I'm laughing about all this in 10 years. But no matter what happens, I've finally realized that I need to get this prepared for my own peace of mind. Everyone, send money and legumes!


Foxy said...

A good place to start is It's impossible to get everything together at once. Just take a deep breath and come up with a timeline. Another great (realistic) list is posted here-

Start with your 72 Hour Kits and Go Bags.

Having a meeting plan in place is a really easy first step:

Lastly preparing to Shelter-in-Place is a good idea. This involves the famous duct tape and plastic sheeting everyone laughed about. Here's more info-

It's very easy to become overwhelmed once you start to prepare. Fight the urge to tackle it all at once. Start with the low hanging fruit (72-hour kit, Go-bags, Family Plan) and then start a list of other things you would like to have on hand. Throughout the year keep an eye out for deals (thrift shops are a great place to shop for this stuff), and come up with a plan to rotate food. My brother and I are currently taking a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class and it's really helped to make me feel more empowered. You can find a local CERT class here-

Or are you more concerned that the Bird Flu is yet another form of revenge from Spanky? I'd be more worried about that if I were you.

:Elizabeth (friend of Foxy)

Anonymous said...

No worries! If you had enough for a year, you'd have no life, no money and no space. Its all in risk appraisal and management. Living next to welfare square in Utah was nice, now we just live next to the Benacs. I'm sure dad would love to hire me as a survival cook (I've experience there), and let us organize his immense food storage stockpile.


Sarah said...

Wow! Elizabeth, can I hire you to do this for me?? Thanks for those links - they are much more reassuring than the ones I've been finding on my internet searches. You know the ones - where it's a bunch of guys with AK-47s and camo that are declaring that the government is out to kill us all. I had never even though of the Shelter-in-Place idea.
I was a moron not to see the Spanky connection. And yes, he really is so ruthless as to release the epidemic on the entire global population just to make his point.

Dad said...

I am told all you need is a year's supply of bird seed...

TKF said...


An SKS is a handy little rifle that almost anyone can use to shoot food or people trying to steal your food. I mean you're going to be thinking how great your preparedness is when your depraved neighbors are running out the door with it.

SKS baby. $100 and you're set. We'll talk.

Bethany Malouf said...

I KNOW! Sarah, I understand you here. This is has been at the forefront of my mind for several months now. I heard a great talk in church after the hurricanes saying that " I hope we have all learned from these recent tragic events....(mind you here I am thinking , yes that the Lord is with us, or the church etc, but NO....she continued....) I hope we have all learned, that when tragedy strikes, WE ARE ALONE! In Lousianna people were without support for some 5 days some two weeks..... no one is going to bail you out... YOU are responsible for you families.
Anyhow, it is the 10 virgins and the oil in their lamps. How are YOU doing with your oil..... Hmmmm. wow. I am deep ;) Bethany ps-- all i want for christmas is my food storage..... (sung to the tune of all i want for christmas is my two front teeth)