January 4, 2006

Sick Day

The inevitable. After a few weeks of vacation with a mess of snotty neices and nephews, Spike, Pixie and I all have gotten sick as well.

It's life's little payback for us taking vacation. After a long night with Pixie, we were both pretty bushed this morning so I gave her a questionable dose of Children's cough medicine and we both got a nice nap until noon this morning. But I always feel obligated to get her out of the house at least once a day so out we went, Pixie oozing all over and me trudging light headed towards the park. There were a few other moms there who immediately instructed their children not to "bother" Pixie. I'm usually on their side of the table but it was nice to have our run of the playground equipment while the other healthy children looked on with jealousy. It's amazing how much goo one baby can produce when sick. The other kids eventually left sadly so we did too. It's no fun having the run of the playground if there is nobody to get jealous of you.

I tried walking to the library after that, but Pixie was incensed at my attempts to browse through the adult section (no sicko, not that kind of adult section!) and I eventually gave up and wheeled her sorry rear home. Now she's sleeping again and I'm fighting the urge to do laundry. I'm usually the winner in that fight. Now if we can just infect all of our neighbors and loved ones, it will be a pretty successful sick day.


Jefra said...

sorry to hear you're sick, but it's so much fun to be able to keep up with you guys through blogging. Your daughter's darling and you seem to be having so much fun as a family.

melinda said...

My least favorite thing about being a sick mom with a sick baby is when you mention it to one of your childless friends and they say, "OH, I KNOW! I was so sick i was in bed ALL DAY on Saturday." Talk about jealousy.