January 10, 2006

Tofu Goodness

I am doing everything possible to make sure that Pixie is 100% California Baby. Not only did I have her hippie-style (all natural, hypnobirth) but she has taken it upon herself to persist in the following habits:

* She's a Democrat (judging on her shameless abuse of my welfare program
* Refuses to wear a bra- nudist at heart
* Eats grass (you guess which kind)
* Favorite food is tofu
* Animal rights activist (much to the bird-keeper at the pet store's dismay. Pixie is always trying to open all the cages and set the birds free)
* Protests whenever "the man" (mom) tries to take away her civil liberties such as not letting her play with electrical outlets
* Goes to the gym 3 times a week (so what if it's just child-care, it's probably more than Olivia Ohio goes)
* Does her part to save the environment by eating any trash she finds on the ground
* Owns a trendy pink poncho which she really pulls off well.

We had her birthday party last night which was attended by our darling neighbors as well as the Cowley family with their matching one year old friend, Maddie. We went ahead and just gave her a whole block of tofu decorated with icing for her cake since it's her favorite food anyway. Somehow it ended up with Magic Shell on it and in the end, a great mess was made and eaten. Pixie's birthday present was a huge stuffed Saint Bernard dog which she went nuts over. It's her new crib buddy and the two of them slept in a tangled up pile last night happily. It's nice for Pixie to actually have an actual year for an age. I always felt like a dork having to say 11 months. So random. One is a nice easy to understand year that nobody can contest. Here's to being one and living in the wacky tofu-goodness state of California.


Mary B said...

Did penny attend her party in the buff? Sarah, you are my favorite sister. Starting with this blog.

Anonymous said...

what do you mean "in the buff". there is a reason they call it a birthday suit; it's what you wear to your birthday.