March 23, 2006


Unless you are a needy mother, you really shouldn't bother mugging me. But if you did happen to go through all the effort of holding me up in a dark alleyway, this is what you would get for your efforts:

(Actual purse contents - Click the photo for a closer view)

Baby Beach Hat
My "planner"
Stained toothbrush
Business Card from my Auto Shop
2 Ziplock bags with Cherrio shrapnel
4 freefloating Cheerios
Cell Phone
Baby Wipes
2 Pampers Diapers
USC vs OSU basketball ticket stub
Pair of toddler pants
Receipt from Vons grocery store
Receipt from the dentist
Receipt from Pizza Hut
Toddler shoes
My wallet containing $47 cash, 3 credit cards and my zoo membership
2 Tupperware lids
A Barrette
My ear plugs for swimming
5 Pens
My Albertsons Preferred Shopping Card
Church Phone Directory
Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer
2 Pacifiers
Piece of Nasty Taffee
A Comb
South Beach Diet Meal Replacement Bar
Tic Tacs
80 Cents of Loose Change
Crumpled Blank Paper
Want to get mugged? Click HERE


Anonymous said...
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Kaff said...

I feel for you. My work purse has to take care of at least 8 adults! So in addition to what you have I have a mini first aid kit, medicine, vitamins, lotion, paper with lots of extra pens, lots of snacks and foreign money. I am always finding new things that I have to care. I think my shoulder will fall off one day!

Stephanie said...

LOVE the new site look! Que cute! :-)

My purse is pretty similar, minus the baby stuff (but not for long). I don't understand those gals who can make it through with tiny little bags, so small they can't even fit their chihuahuas.

Emily Acosta said...

Hi Sarah,

It is so good to see that you are still one of the funniest girls I know. Your family looks so happy--I would love to talk to you and catch up.

Emily Miller Acosta