March 29, 2006

What Have I Been Up To?

I went shopping again today and came home resolved to have my own source of income. It's the only way I can feel good about shopping for cute clothes just for the heck of it. So here is my first venture into the world of business (click the photo):

You'd think with my baby, my church stuff, my "social life" and general hygene, I wouldn't have time to be doing this, and you'd be right. It's 2am, I'm beat, and I'll write something real tomorrow. Pop Art anyone?


Anonymous said...

You'll become a millionairess, I'm sure! How about that lady with frizzy hair? Is there something backward about her pop version? Huh?

J-Rod said...

Have you given any thought to multi-level marketing? With your wide network of blog friends the sky is the limit on your income potential.

angela in 201 said...

yay sarah! i'm excited for you! this looks like it's going to be a lot of fun! someday when i'm rich(er), i will be one of your best customers!

Anonymous said...

great idea, sarah. I've always thought you had a real talent - might as well make some cash with it! actually, I saw a preview for one of those crafty shows where they were going to teach people how to do this. hopefully, it'll look complicated so people will hire you instead.
love to the fam!

Anonymous said...

I like the pictures of the lawyer and the engagement photo best. They are definitly the absolute wierdest!!!