April 3, 2006


I have problems. Big ones. Usually, I am able to keep the full extent of said problems confined to the knowledge of my immediate family but this time I've crossed the line.

I got an email the other day that I thought Spike had forwarded to me. It was a stock letter from some online home mortgage company talking about the recent hike in the Prime Rate and how this would impact home owners and potential owners. Spike and I have been watching the rates closely for the past few years and have anticipated such a hike would lead to an overall lowering of LA real estate prices. So I hit Reply and sent the following cheeky message:

"Wow! I can't wait to feast on the carcasses of all those silly people who got ARMS!"

Send. Bing! The instant I sent it I realized that the email had not gone to Spike, but to the mortgage broker. I don't think he reads my blog and probably has no clue that I'm not really a cannibal who delights in eating naive chaps who got a 3 year Adjustable Rate Mortgage last year. I quickly sent him another email apologizing for my "harsh language" and assuring him that although my email evidenced otherwise, I was not, in fact, a psycho. But the damage was done. He forwarded my email to one of his colleagues who sent me a cautious note asking if he could call me and talk mortgage. At this point, I was completely mortified and wanted nothing more to do with these people who were now privy to my dark side. So I ate them all.


Stephanie said...

You could try dipping those ARMs in barbecue sauce, too! Don't worry, we all know you're nuts and there's no reason you should be afraid to hide it from strangers. ;-)

angela said...

howdy, neighbor! regarding your online poll: i voted for the gulf of meh-hee-ko, but my vote is not showing up. just thought you should know, that's what i think you should do!