April 11, 2006

Just When You Thought Enron was Juicy...

Spike and I signed up for Blockbuster Online last year after becoming parents in anticipation of many home-bound evenings. We have seen over 100 movies so far from their online database and gladly sing Blockbuster's praises to anyone who cares to listen.

Today I got a DVD in the mail as I do most days. The outside of the package said the DVD was the movie "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room." We had been anticipating the arrival of this DVD for a few days and were hoping it would be a smart little documentary that would ease the guilt of sitting around all night watching the tube. I opened up the envelope and casually glanced at the actual DVD. Four sultry Latinos in their birthday suits leered up at me. Thankfully Ken Lay was not one of them. The DVD was entitled "Sexo, Pudor y Lagrimas" which translated means "Sex, Shame and Tears." A brief synopsis described the movie:

Two young couples living in Mexico City find their already shaky relationships turned upside down by the unexpected arrival of two ex-lovers!

Ken, you'll have to wait your turn.


Jared said...

Looks like a soap opera

Anonymous said...

This once happened to me! Darren and I rented a normal ole video, got home, heated up some fondue, sat down....and a weird grainy scene in a trailer started up. Then the nice blonde lady in the trailer took off all of her clothes. It was porn. We went home with a porn DVD. It was really embarrasing to return it ("I promise, I didn't mean to rent this. And neither did my boyfriend. Really. Now give us back our money."). Stupid faulty packaging.