April 24, 2006

A Shot of Cayenne

I am a rabid fan of cayenne pepper. Spike claims to hate the stuff, but almost every food that I prepare for us gets a shot of cayenne in it. I have been slowly adding more and more to foods I prepare for us ever since I have been married and Spike is none the wiser (till now I guess). He never complains about the food but if he ever sees me getting the cayenne out will heartily object to its application. If only he could see how much of it he eats everyday on food that wins his laud. I strongly believe that cayenne is the secret to the flavor of most of the foods I prepare and its continued increased dosage is what makes our food interesting. Similar to people. You meet someone, ask all the appropriate "get to know you" questions, and unless the relationship escalates, there can never be any increased enjoyment from the friendship. Every encounter should entail stronger and stronger doses of cayenne until you've got a really spicy friendship that only time could have made acceptable to the palate. Otherwise we all just stand still looking at each other with bland smiles talking about things that put us all to sleep.

I love being surprised by people. I'm not talking about "BOO" stuff but rather when someone that you thought you had figured out does something you never could have anticipated. It's reassuring to know that we don't have everyone figured out. That each day will reveal new exciting things about the people surrounding you who you hope aren't really as boring as they first seemed to be.

The surprises don't have to be momentous. Here are a few of my memorable ones:
My white collar dad telling me fondly about his youth as an accordion playing greaser
My gruff husband telling me he thought the show "Queen Eye for the Straight Guy" was "touching"
An older woman, sedate woman at church describing her cross-country motorcycle trip and skydiving adventures
My one year old baby dissolving in giggles when I raised my voice at her

The people I have the hardest time tolerating are the ones who refuse to surprise me. What bothers me most about these people is that I know there is something unpredictable and unique about them but they hide it under the guise of "fitting in." Common sense then argues that if you fit in, you won't leave a mark. I have previously admitted that I'm a reactor. I also adore eliciting reactions. When I'm around people who refuse to surprise me I start rolling out the crazy talk trying to see what will penetrate their fortresses of predictability. I have said some pretty bizarre things to women in the name of getting them to show any altered state of excitement or emotion but there are some tough chicks out there.

I know I probably showcase way more of my insanities than most other people, but I believe that it's far better to err on the side of crazy than predictable. Give me crazy or give me death. And for heaven's sake, surprise me!


Anonymous said...

Try a shift in paradigm from the easy "people are boring" to the more rewarding "people are interesting". You might find that your attitude can influence how real people want to get with you. When you exude "People are Boring", that may put your could-be friend in survival mode (try to act cool) and yes, cool is boring.

Sarah said...

Good point. I must admit to going the easy route sometimes rather than taking the time and effort it takes to actually dig it out. Thanks for the reality check!

Stephanie said...

Hey, do you think cayenne pepper might help things move along...? I've heard spicy foods are the way to go; green chile's just not doing it for me though.