May 16, 2006

My Annual Sunburn

My entire back is puffy and lobster red. Every year I go one full day in the sun without sunblock in case a miracle has occurred and my body will just naturally tan instead of crisping up like a pork rind. And once again, I have a renewed testimony of SPF 40. The same brain lapse that causes this annual summer sunburn also causes these other self-destructive behaviors:

Pulling of pans out of the oven without oven mitts. Surely my hands are tough enough to withstand a scorching metal trays for just a few seconds!

Eating the watermelon without spitting out the seeds. I know, last time I got a terrible stomach ache that lasted all day, but if I just swallow a few maybe my digestive system won't notice. Anyways, spitting out seeds everywhere is so gross!.

Letting Pixie run around after bathtime with no diaper on. She probably already peed in the tub, right? It couldn't hurt to give her a few minutes of naked time on the leather couch.

Househunting in LA. I know last month we couldn't afford the $850,000 2 bedroom house, but I've been cutting back on shampoo, and toothpaste for the past week - maybe now we have enough saved to get that mortgage. Besides, if I just get really excited about it, destiny will make it so!

Cutting my own hair. Nobody knows my hair like I do. I've got craft scissors, a cranky disposition and am late for church. No better time for a new hairstyle! The ladies at my hair salon beg me to stop but I'm an addict. Nothing says L.A. chic like huge chunks of hair missing from your scalp.

So instead of taking Spike's advice and popping a few Advil, and applying aloe vera to dull the pain of my sunburn, I'll just let it cling maliciously to my back. It's a reminder to me that next time I'm going to do the smart thing and apply sunblock. The pain is my penance for the annual brain lapse and insurance that it won't happen again (at least not until next year!)


J-Rod said...

Not that we'll ever visit, but remind me not to sit on the couch. Please post pictures when you start to peel.

Adrienne said...

Dude, Sarah...Coppertone sport Spray-on, SPF 30. It's referred to in my house as the Big Blue Can of Shade. That stuff is THE BOMB. You've seen me, I am a pale, PALE woman, and that stuff stayed on during a 7 hour rafting trip with NO reapplication. Only place I burned was where I scraped my thighs getting back in the boat. I can't sing it's praises loud enough.

After that one burn in college where i peeled THREE TIMES, sunblock is about the only thing I'm religious about. ;)

Mrs. Covington (that makes me sound old!) said...

I'm so sorry about your sunburn! Ouch! Sorry I have been MIA. I have my final on Friday! Keep me in your prayers. :)