May 22, 2006

Surfer Babe

Important Update: No matter how awesome I was last week, you now need to triple that because I've picked up a new skill. I am now a "Surf Diva." Bow before me.

Spike's law firm held their annual retreat in San Diego last weekend so we ditched Pixie with her grandparents and headed down for a weekend of sleeping in and schmoozing. There were tons of perks: endless buffet lines, bi-plane rides, spas, beachside golf, and 1000 thread count sheets. But I really lucked out on the last day when one of the wives had to cancel her private surfing lesson and I was offered the space.

The shop offering the lessons is called Surf Divas in La Jolla. They claim to be the first all-girl surf school ever and don't mess around with teaching boys unless they beg. So me and another wife headed down to the beach and met Elizabeth, our Platinum haired instructor who spoke a mile a minute. The other wife had already taken a few lessons so Elizabeth sped through her directions in about 10 minutes and the next thing I know I'm waist deep in the Pacific with waves crashing all around me and a confused look on my face. But I got up on my second wave and stayed up the rest of the morning. Yeah, I'm pretty much da bomb.

I've tried skateboarding and snowboarding and was miserable at both of them so I wasn't expecting to even get up on my first day in the water but luckily, surfing is totally different. You can pretty much feel exactly what you need to do, how to balance, when to "pop up" (stand up on the board) and it was a blast. Since Pixie is gone until next Saturday, I'm looking forward to spending a few more days at the beach this week with a rented board and nothing but time to solidify the skills I picked up in the lesson. I feel an unjustified amount of pride for now having this particular notch in my belt. I've been wanting to learn how to surf ever since we moved to L.A. two years ago and now I can stop wondering if I can hack it on a surf board.

Thank you, Surf Divas, for teaching me how to surf without worrying how fat my butt looks in a wetsuit or comparing my arm muscles to other surfers. It was a chick-a-licious day and I can't wait to get back in the surf for some more noodling!


angela said...

you are hot stuff! hopefully it won't rain the rest of the week!

Our Common Welfare said...

Hey surf Diva now you need this.
Learn to Surf
The Surfing Gooroo says: surfing is an art form, a pastime, a leisure activity and a lifestyle. It is self-expression, it is individual achievement, and it is a humbling experience of flowing with nature. It is fun and frightening, frustrating and rewarding, gentle and overwhelming and a potent form of meditation. Everything else is extraneous: fashion, politics, aggression, judgement, and hierarchy. It's all there and it's all irrelevant and whether or not you decide to get involved, will govern the future direction of the lifestyle that we all love so much.
So grab your board, have some fun, open your eyes, and go out and help to make the water a safer and more enjoyable place for us all to share.
It's well worth it.

Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed. I tried a few times on my own and couldn't ever stand up fully. Clearly, you have better arm muscles (and a better teacher, ahem, my brother) than I did. Congratulations!!

Gina said...

So *you* were the awesome surfer babe I saw at the beach last week! There were totally crowds of people staring and wondering who this amazing new wave-riding-wonder was! I'm really impressed. I've tried twice and never gotten up. Maybe because I didn't have Elizabeth.