June 3, 2006

Hot Gimpy Amputees

I have a program installed on this website that enables me to see how people are referred to my site. This means that if someone does a search for "Hollywood Flakes" or "Pixie" and then finds this site, I can see exactly what keywords they searched and on which search engine.

It's pretty funny to see what random collection of search words lead people to our site. We seem to be most visible on Yahoo's search engine although Google picks us us from time to time. There are usually a few internet surfers every month who come here for searching "calf reduction surgery." Other popular keywords are "histenol" and "99 cent store." But then there are the telling searches like "sexy housewife photos" and my favorite from today "hot gimpy amputees." I'm pretty sure the person performing the amputee search didn't find what they were looking for on my site. However, it must be said that I hope the person looking for sexy housewife photos did.

So the nasty little secret is out. I know who you are, where you live, what you like on your toast and what your fetishes are. Your searches are more telling than I'd like. The masses seem to want thinner calves, clearer sinuses and less limbs. I would love to tell you that I can provide that, but I'd be lying. I'm the thick calved, congested, 4 limbed non-sexy housewife who will never be able to meet your needs. Lets keep it that way.

1 comment:

Silly Marie said...

You know, if I ever had to have an appendage removed, I hope I'd be a hot gimpy amputee.