June 8, 2006

My Little Monkey

Due to her grandmother's unceasing requests for more visuals of Pixie, I'm forced to exhibit incriminating proof that every other baby in the world is dreadfully plain. I hate to do this to everyone, but my mom won't leave it alone.

Here is Pixie jumping on the bed in April:

Here she is running through some of her signs this morning. At 17 months old, she can make about 100 different signs and says about 6 words so signing is really important right now for our communication:


Rachel said...

I couldn't resist looking at some pictures of your Penny. She's so cute! I referenced your blog on mine - the post about couples dating. I hope you don't mind. I guess you probably won't since you're trying to achieve stardom. And I need to take part in your rise to greatness since I'm hoping for that million bucks once you make it big.

Susan said...

My oldest didn't speak until he was almost 4 and used sign language before he started talking. But the end of kindergarten he was at his age level in speech, though.

He used to sign in his sleep.

About the audio being off sync, it has to do with the frame rate your camera uses not being compatible with the frame rate the flash player on youtube uses. My camera is the same way. I've been uploading to Google video instead because of that.