August 22, 2006

Samuel L. Jackson Thinks of Nothing But Murder All Day

Alright guys, I usually try to keep it fresh on this blog, but I've got to perpetuate this one. I'm sure by now everyone has heard all the buzz about the movie Snakes on a Plane ad nauseum. Well since you've already feeling ill about it, I thought I'd pass on one more gem.

You can send a personalized message from Samuel L. Jackson himself to one of your buddies gently "encouraging" him or her to go see the movie. Words can't explain. Just do it. Sorry, Charlie, the snakes made me do it.


c jane said...

I had Sam call my husband last week. I felt like the coolest wife ever.
We keep quoting the message by saying "Snakes on a plane just might be the best motion picture ever made!"

And he may be right.

compulsive writer said...

Did the same last Saturday morning. It was especially poignant at our house because my husband absolutely emphatically and without any doubt HATES snakes!

Now if only I could get Johnny Depp to call me and beg me to see Pirates again...

John said...

i have lot on common with Sam:))