September 20, 2006

Halloween Prep

I love Halloween more than all the other holidays combined. I've known what Pixie was going to be since last year when I saw how good she looked in her red knit hat. Care to guess what she's dressing as?

Here are the items I've pulled together on eBay to complete "the look":

Flannel shirt and thermal undershirt

Yellow Suspenders

Woodsey Boots

Blue Cow (I'm going to lose the lame bow and add a big nose ring and red bandana)

Throw in some jeans, a red knit hat, a homemade woodsman's axe and draw on a big black beard and I think we've got a believable costume. Only 41 days left until Halloween! What are you going to be?

p.s. blogger stinks - sorry, I couldn't upload a picture today :(


Th. said...


Lady Steed's also. I've never been that impressed with any holiday to be honest.

And regarding your last post, I blame my inadequate internet situation.

Kristine said...

Paul Bunyan??! Too cute...and that "Babe", a total keepsake. Very cute "ox".

I'm impressed you already have Penny's costume all figured out...I am 2 for 6 right now and not moving forward at all.

Anonymous said...

I swear, I wish I was part of your family. You are my "pretend" little sister, and the coolest of my family - by far! :)

Adam said...
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sarahflake said...

Hey! Warm fuzzies for everyone :) And you are the older sibling that I already have 5 of! But trust me, you don't want to be in my family or I would have made YOU dress up like the Big Blue Ox this Halloween. Adam refused and I have my dignity to think of (last year I was "Mauled by a Bear" and I'm trying to think of something similarly classy this year).

Kristine - dressing one kid is easy. Dressing six? Let's just say in my family as the 6th child I was the ghost every year until I could make my own costume as a teenager. Nothing easier than a sheet! Good luck. You could always have them be a family of gondaliers with those cute striped pj tops!

(Don't worry about that deleted comment - I accidentally signed in as Adam and reposted my comment. No censuring here!)

Adrienne said...

Awww. I can picture Penny as a mighty lumberjack, swinging from tree to tree!

Speaking of halloween, do you have a Target near by? Because OUR Target has gone all kookoo-go-nuts over Halloween. There are FIVE WHOLE AISLES of talking skeletons, talking gravestones, gargoyles, haunted paintings, fake coffins, fog machines... FOG MACHINES. I think I need a $20 fog machine, I think YOU need a $20 fog machine... I think everybody I know is getting a $20 fog machine as a gift!

I wonder if it's all Target stores or our local buyer just has it bad for the spookies...

Silly Marie said...

I like to see stores taking holidays in the proper order. It's a bit unsettling to 3 aisles of Christmas at Costco already. Come on people! We have Halloween and Thanksgiving still!

Kristine said...

Hey! Venetian Gondilierios (that's a word, right??) would be perfect 'cause my DH served his mission in Italy!! Thanks for the tip! (he he) We've even got an authentic hat somewhere....wait, that belongs to his parents.

You are totally right, it is a bit more intimidating to get six ready. I'm pretty proud to even have 2 ready, and we've got a pretty good dress-up trunk to choose we'll be deciding on the others before too much longer. They know if they want new costumes that they have to pay half, and no one seemed really excited about that after looking at the costumes at the local Wal-Mart here.

busily buzzing doctor-to-BEE said...

Maybe you can dress up Trent and me for Halloween. Oh wait, I already know what we're going to be - newlyweds! Ha ha. :)

amanda said...

Sarah, you and I were meant to be sisters-in-law because of our love for this wonderful holiday. although I don't always dress up myself if I get burned out getting my kids' gear together. we have had our costumes planned for as long as I can remember:

lily: a flower fairy thanks to her gymboree "tulip petals" dress and hat with little petals that stick up around her face.

ethan: Bob the builder with authentic costume not K-mart silky suit garbage kind.

kendall: an australian outback man using cannon's souvenir's from australia and his alligator head from lousiana. we almost decided not to do this one when our good friend steve irwin died this year, but we are going to go ahead and do it as a "tribute."

chelsea: an egyptian princess using the dress up stuff we brought back from egypt.