September 27, 2006

Not my best post

Yes I have a blog. No I do not have time to write this week. Apologies all around - but if I feel like I "have" to do one more thing I'm going to kidnap myself and drop the body off the nearest overpass. And yet - I feel a spewage of typing coming on and just can't stop myself.

This will most likely be a rant. I'm not sure what kind yet, but I'm feeling ranty. Skip this all together if you are having a good day or like to pretend you are.

BLAH!!! That felt great. This is what I have to say about my job, "BLAHHH!!" This is what I have to say about my kid, "BLAHHH!!" This is what I have to say about my church assignment as Visiting Teaching Coordinator, "DOUBLE BLAHHH!"

Is it possible to gain 4 pounds in a week? I think I just did. BLAH!

And they say I don't communicate well! Blah on them.


Lisa M. said...




Lisa M. said...

Is that your dinner?

*still laughing*

compulsive writer said...


You're way too polite.

I have days in which I soooooo very much want to be Ron in Harry Potter because all I have to say about anything and everything is, "bloody hell!"

(And I do say it, but mostly in my head. I am deathly afraid that one of these days I'll just let it loose and then have one of those, "Did I say that out loud?" moments.)

Anonymous said...

Totally feeling your blah today. Love this post.

Adrienne said...

Look, Blah is a perfectly acceptable feeling, almost as good as Meh. Today, I myself am Meh.

Also, your hair is too cute these days for you to be too Blah.

brother bill said...


Torchness said...

THAT is a rant?

Sheesh. You need more redhead in you.

Th. said...


I think you made your point.