October 27, 2006

Craigslist Weirdos

I've got a new batch of items up for sale on craigslist and the phone calls from the crazies are starting to come in.

Last night I posted a printer for sale and by 10pm already had two people who "definitely" wanted it. I booked them both for today and crossed my fingers. With craigslist, usually you only get 10% of the people come through with the cash so I didn't let myself get too hopeful.

I've been on the phone all morning with "Ken" who was very excited about coming by for the printer. Last night he told me that he was expecting a big check today from a deal he had just made with Universal Studios and would come by as soon as he cashed the check. This morning he called at 8:30, 10:30, 10:35, 11:00, 11:20 and 11:30 in efforts to navigate his way to my house from his office. FINALLY he showed up outside my apartment and I went down to meet him. He seemed in a rush but nice enough. I handed him the printer. He thanked me, plugged his lighting business, gave me one of his business cards and turned to leave.

"That's $25," I reminded him.
"Excuse me?"
"I'm selling the printer for $25," I replied.
He gave me a look sweeter than Shirley Temple. "Really? I thought it was free?"
"It's not."

He gave me a moment of silence to reconsider but I wasn't backing down. Sadly, he handed the printer back to me and slunk away saying something about how he would be back with the money. Something tells I won't be seeing him again.

I'd spent the entire morning on the phone with this guy and he shows up with empty pockets? There is a free section on craigslist but it's usually reserved for couches that have had people killed on them, bombed out toilets and free dirt. Did he really expect me to just roll over and accept a business card as payment? Yes, it's true I'm a natural blonde, but both my parents were brunette so I have some sense in me.

I'm holding out for my $25. It's not much, but not bad for a printer that I got for free. Craigslist drives me crazy but it's one of the reasons that I love it so much. You get to deal with all kinds of nuts living in your city, have a good laugh at them, and then send them packing. But usually you get paid to do it.


kelsey said...

We want to sell a few things on craigslist. Thanks for the insider info. That "I thought it was free" trick might have thrown me for a loop. So far I've only been a purchasing participant. In fact I'm off this afternoon to buy a craigslist bumbo for Will. I keep buying baby gimmick after baby gimmick in hopes that I'll find the thing besides my arms that he likes to hang out in.

Lisa M. said...


LOVE the bumbo seat. It's really worth it, or at least it was for me.

Okay, I think I truly am a flake. I have never been to Craigs List, not bought nor sold nor looked.

I really do.. live in the dark ages.

But, heck I blog, so can I be that BAD?

A Payne said...

You're a brave woman. I wouldn't want the random Angelese coming to my door. When we lived in Covina, the only time I would talk to a stranger was through the wrought iron screen door.

Doug said...

Isn't laughing at crazies a potentially dangerous sport?