October 6, 2006

My Morning Reads

I was reading Compulsive Writer's blog this morning and came across a very disturbing news article. The gist of it is that an Austrian landlord had put a notice on a tenant's door and three days later had received no response. The landlord then entered the apartment to find that the tenant was dead and coroner's confirmed that he had been dead for probably 3 to 4 YEARS!!

I guess nobody had noticed because his rent was automatically deducted from his bank account each month, and his bank account was automatically fed by a pension fund. And neighbors didn't complain about his mail building up either.

When I told Spike about the news story he said, "hey, isn't that everyone's dream? To die alone and forgotten and have cats eat off your face?" Why did I marry that guy? Sick. Luckily for our Austrian friend, it doesn't appear he had cats but I can't imagine what was crawling around in that apartment when they opened it up.

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Another fine piece of writing I read today was c jane's spooky post about the haunted house she lives in. I don't know how long I would be able to stick around in a haunted house, but she's doing remarkably well living alongside a dead, widowed chain smoker. Anyone looking for a cheap tingle down the spine should check out her very well writen personal ghost story.

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Finally, this is link Andrew pointed out a few months ago, but I go to at least once a week to watch it over and over again. Ever wanted to be a pirate? Watch this video and you'll be running out the door to sign up for the swarmiest brig in port. It's beyond catchy!


Silly Marie said...

Could you imagine the stench? That is one of the only situations in which you would be grateful your handicap was to have a lack of smell. Sick. And sad. And Adam's sick. And sad.

Kind of makes you think twice about automatic bill pay...

Adam said...

tehcnically, i was quoting a guy from work, who told another person that we work with that he voted her "the most likely to die alone and have cats eat her face" or something. i agree about the sick.

Silly Marie said...

ok. it's not you adam. we'll just pass along the blame. =) i take rescind my comments directed toward your character.

that is so long as i can pass these dang word verifications to post this comment.

Adrienne said...

God, I saw a discovery channel show on the people who clean up crime scenes and what was euphemistically called "home deaths." Dude, DO NOT DIE ALONE. And if you do, make sure someone knows to look for you after a day or so, because any longer than that and, well, I think you have to burn the house down. It was horrifying.

Actually, cats DO eat faces, too. I used to worry about that when I lived alone. I recall one night sick in the bathroom thinking "I could die from the flu and become a cat snack."