December 22, 2006

Fiberous Finds

They are 2" by 2" in size. They could take out Goliath. The ingredients: bran, water, white grape, whole wheat flour, apples, cranberries, sodium bicarbonate, cinnamon and salt. And these little gems contain 51% of our recommended dose of daily fiber.

I bought "Apple Cranberry Fiber Cakes" at Trader Joe's a few days ago. I'm a fiber junkie and I was trembling with the anticipation of tasting these beauties. I feel unethical eating anything with less than 10% of my daily fiber and am always looking for the heavy hitters. At 51%, this was a new record.

At dinner, muffins were the only thing on the menu. The dense little cakes looked like they had been sitting in the Arizona sun for months and my toddler was skeptical but I enthusastically announced that dinner was served. She took a bite. Then another, than another and stopped, looking up at me with big eyes. Her mouth started to slowly sag open and her small frame lurched with a silent gag. None of the muffin had made it down her throat and I saw a thick paste of bran filling her entire mouth. I did a quick finger-sweep of her mouth and throat to clear out the compacted goop. A few sips of water later, she was ready for round two. This time she may have managed to get a few morsels down before I had to perform another finger-sweep to clear her airways. A watery-eyed look from Pixie and some weak coughs let me know dinner was over for the evening.

The muffin may have won the battle, but we will win the war. For 51% of my daily fiber in one small muffin, these little beauties are going to become our best friend. I don't care if we have to soak them in water overnight, blend them up into smoothies, or inject them directly into the stomach, they will become a family staple. I haven't had the heart to break the news to Pixie yet.

Trader Joe's also sells a breakfast cereal called Fiber-O's. It's like eating pebbles and I usually have sore jaw muscles for the entire day after eating a bowl but let me tell you, they are a fiber-junkie's dream come true. If this is any indication of how hard core they are, when you get to the bottom of the cereal bag, there isn't a single crumb or broken "O." They're that tough.

There are four muffins left. I have a goal to get through them by the end of January. Wish Pixie luck!


tracy m said...

I dearly miss Trader Joes!! It's the thing I miss most about California- well, besides my family. And I loooooove Fiber O's!

I followed your link from your comment on my blog. Thanks for stopping by...

Anonymous said...

That fiber is healthy stuff. I'd put it in everything if I could. We bought Grape Nuts cereal and even though it tastes like cardboard and is super crunchy, I eat it because of the fiber.

Penny is going to have some healthy eating habits when you get done with her!

Adrienne said...

OH man, have you discovered that Fibersure powder? The stuff you can mix in with anything (juice, meatloaf... I have a friend who put it in a margarita once...Don't recommend that)? It is AWESOME and a godsend for us idiots who can't seem to scarf a salad every day.

Actually, I have a bran muffin recipe I should send you. It involves chocolate. You'd like it.

Janell said...

It sounds like slow torture to me. =\ I don't know much about fiber beyond that oatmeal, bran, and apples are a good source of it.

Perhaps if you crush them up you can somehow add them to a cookie mix ;)

barb said...

i think a little snot just flew out of my nose... snickering...

Molly said...

I've heard that if you eat lots of fiber, then... well, uhm.... then your poop floats. Conversely, if your poop does not float, you know you're not getting enough fiber in your diet. Has this been your experience?

Sarah said...

NOBODY is allowed to answer that question! Molly, you scientists are freaks.

Rachelle Black said...

Ha! I've found Nirnava (and I'm not talking Kurt here, ewww)
I bow to your blog, and thank Joe for Q & A-ing you thus leading me to it.

Finally, someome who would probably "get" me, a Mormon with a sense of humor.... and a good one....we're a rare breed girl.

Thanks for the belly laughs, and Merry Christmas, and an Alpaca New Year!!

Rachelle Black said...

okay, so I was so excited I misspelled Nirvana.
Everyone knows Nirnava is a blue cocktail served well chilled in the Bahamas.

Lianne said...

I live with fiber freaks as well, and if Santa had been reading my list carefully he would have seen one of my later additions, "A Trader Joe's in Utah".

Alas, the fiber beauties will have to wait until my next trip to LA.

Hope you had a great holidy!