December 14, 2006

I Heart Anonymous Commenters!

Really, I do. I allow anonymous comments to run rampant on this blog because of my sick fascination with what humanity justifies under the protective blanket of darkness. Unless there is some kind of blazing profanity or uncouth anatomical references, let the people speak! Plus, it gives me a better idea of who my readers are. For instance, I'm happy to report that I've been discovered by the junior high demographic as evidenced by a candid comment I received yesterday in response to this post. Our obscured commenter weighed in with:

"Let me get this straight, your blogging about a situation you cant control. Hows that any different from peoples normal everyday life! Better yet your calling your baby physco? What are you thinking? Its all part of life you buffoan!!!"

Charming, simply charming. As a girl with a Sociology degree, I love hearing what the American masses are really thinking. Keep 'em coming, folks! This is reality blogging at its best.


Suzie Petunia said...

Your child is physcho, too?! I thought MINE were the only ones!

ANONYMOUS (I mean, Adrienne...) said...

Awwww.. you got your first hate post! ::SNIFF:: I'm so PROUD.

Also, I cannot TELL you how sad I am that I'm not going to Dallas this Christmas, rendering my chances of basking in Flakey goodness nill.

Anonymous said...

the reason we comment anon is because lets face it you are pretty touchy

Sarah said...

I can't believe you think I'm touchy!! You better watch out - I'm going to find out who you are and steal all your present from under the Christmas tree and replace them all with my lousy t-shirts from the HF store!!! touchy - hmph!

Anonymous said...

I know who you are, where you live, your entire family tree, everyone of your weaknesses, and how to scare you. I am anonymous; but you my friend are a blogging advertisement of vulnerability.

I am intrigued and I am coming!

Bwa a a a!

A Payne said...

I love the Anonymous commenters too, as evidenced here:

Anonymous: A Payne you suck!

A Payne: Tell me something I don't know.

Being a student of human nature myself and a citizen of the blogsophere, I love to hear what people have to say about the mindless drivel found on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Ive been called many things by anon comenters on another blog. People who comment nasty stuff anon really dont deserve to have thier comment posted. Its just chilldish shit. If you are not registered leave a name or your web address. As far as my dog he is doing good and i do not know who shot him. He was lying on back porch shivering when I found him and I knew something was wrong.