January 25, 2007

7 Weird Things about Me

I've never actually done one of these "tag" things but both Shiloah and Janell tagged me for this so I better just suck it up and write. But just so you know, I'm too insecure in my relationships to tag anyone else so this dies with me.

1. I'll frequently "go to the bathroom" while out with friends or at dinner and really just go hang out in the stall for a few minutes to have some alone time where I don't have to fake smile. It's my version of a cigarette break but not as bad for my health. Of course, then I have to flush the toilet, make some noise with the toilet paper and pretend to wash my hands when I come out of the stall just in case someone in the room thinks I actually did use the can.

2. One of my greatest fears is online chat. I freak out when people suggest it. I'm misinterpreted enough in life, leave it to chat to make me look like a real idiot. Sometimes my husband will be IM-ing with his family and ask me to take over for a few minutes while he does something else and I panic and run out of the room. Let's leave it to the professionals, shall we?

3. My arch nemesis is a one year old girl I see at church every week. She goes to nursery with my daughter and every time I see her I cringe and have a Sienfeld "Newman" moment. We lock eyes with an intense stare, I grimace and then hurry out of the nursery. I can't explain why, but the kid creeps me out.

4. I didn't wear the color green from age 8 until after graduating from college. After a long summer spent in my family's swimming pool, I returned to 3rd grade that fall with my blond hair tinted from the chlorine. The class jerk commented that my hair matched my green polo shirt and I swore off the hue. Years later I discovered that I looked fantastic in green and it now dominates my wardrobe.

5. I hate brushing my teeth. Sometimes my husband will insist when I come to bed that I brush my teeth first so I'll just go the bathroom, run the water and fake it.

6. I have no problem letting my toddler eat cold McDonald's french fries that have fallen into the sandbox at the public park. Letting her drink juice, on the other hand, is just wrong. Talk about empty calories!

7. I'm terrified of male Mormon missionaries. I grew up in a family of 7 girls and my mom always warned us about being too flirty with them because of their strict rules against getting involved with girls. Even though missionaries are usually much younger than I am these days, I'm still scared stiff of inadvertently seducing one of them and having his dishonorable discharge on my conscience. Thanks to my mom's constant warnings growing up, to this day I refuse to meet their eyes and only shake hands with the most persistent of them.

So there you have it. I hate babies and have abominable personal hygiene. Is everyone happy now?


Vicky said...

Ha Ha! Your arch nemesis is a one year old- I love it! I can relate! I tagged you last week off my blog. It was five things.

Lisa M. said...


We have so much in common.


Andrew said...

"I'm too insecure in my relationships to tag anyone else"

See now, I could help with that. (I have a relationship advice blog.) Or at least I could pretend to tell you how to fix it, and then my other readers would leave lots of comments about how they have the same problem (see? you're not alone!) and I didn't fix THEM, so what am I on about... oh I don't know. I confuse easily.

I enjoyed your post :o)

Andrew (To Love, Honor, and Dismay)

Rachelle Black said...

I'm not sure what tagging is, but if it doesn't involve spray painting my house, you may tag me whenever you want :)) Put your insecurities to rest.

Cute facts, especially the 2 year old. I have only met adults who creep me out, I think I would be doubly creeped to meet a child.
Damien (echoing sound effects)

Rachelle Black said...

oops, I meant 1 year old....

AzĂșcar said...

I am so with you on number six. Eh, eating off the ground won't hurt 'em.
My best friend and I almost had a fight one day over feeding juice to our kids. EMPTY I tell you!

Some kids creep me out too. There was one kid in the ward who looked just like The Brain from Pinky and The Brain. He was ugly AND weird.

amanda said...

so funny that you hate brushing your teeth but are so concerned about penny's. that's motherhood for you.

doug said...

Your mom warned you about being "too flirty" with the missionaries? Does that mean there's a permissible level of flirtiness?

Janell said...

There's vitamin C in juices, typically. And you can find calcium fortified ones. What's there to drink of sodas and juices are right out?

Yup! Everyone's happy now! =)

Lady Steed said...

I am totally with you on the missionary thing. You are the first and only person I have ever admitted this too.

I feel guilty that we have never had the missionaries over for dinner but I'm just way too scared to do so.

High Heels said...

I like this! I'm going to do it too! Thanks for the laugh.... :)

Cousin Lauren said...

Great post! I feel like there must be some source of these things in our genes... I'm the same when it comes to bathroom breaks and missionaries. And forbidding the juice! Fantastic. Fruit juice, in my opinion, is the #1 most over-rated food EVER. (I like to think my food opinions matter because I'm a new R.D.!) :)
PS- Also loved your fiber post!

chronicler said...

heh. Missionaries! My husband went three rounds with a YSAr recently about getting too close to a missionary. It didn't go well, but he emphasized the fact that they are told to lock away their hearts for two years and it isn't fair to be flirty with them.

Yeah, he's a wet blanket. It's too fun.

Bex said...

I am also afraid of those missionaries. I can barely make myself say hello when they greet me at the door at church...what if I am giving them the wrong impression?

1stdaughter said...

Well, I would have to say I am afraid of missionaries, but not for the same reason...I went on a mission and it completely changed my perception. Who knew it would have such an impact.

Oh, and I can't stand babies either, so having one in a month or so, should be an interesting experience.

Shiloah Baker said...

OMGoodness! This was toooooo funny! You crack me up! I guess I'm not as weird as I thought! ROFL! :) I get kind of funny around missionaries too, but I'm not too afraid anymore. I'm sure I scare them off with my seven kids! And I'm slightly older than them now too! (Will be 29 this year!!! ahhhh~) ;) Thanks for sharing!

amanda said...

ooops sarah, somehow I thought that you were saying you didn't let penny drink juice because it was bad for her teeth. so that's why my earlier comment didn't make sense. that's why i don't like my kids to drink juice, because of the teeth thing, so that's why I said that. anyway, you're funny.

Mitch McDad said...

i would think that the teethbrushing thing would scare away the missionaries anyway.