January 8, 2007

The Grinch

Sound bytes from cleaning up Christmas with a two year old:

"Mommy - what are you doing to baby Jesus?
"I'm putting him away."
"No! I need Jesus! Please don't take him away! I love him so much - so much!"

"This isn't trash!" Her indignant response to finding our friends' family Christmas photo in the trash can in my room. She then went through the entire trash and removed all the Christmas cards and hid them in her room.

"It's time to take a nap, Pixie."
"But Mommy, it's Christmastime!" (her recent justification against doing anything besides playing)
"No, Christmastime is over."
"No it's not!" And she ran away singing Jingle Bells.

"Pixie, do you want to help me put the tree away."
"No. Not yet."
"How about we put the tree in this nice box to take a nap and tape it closed so it can get some rest."

"Mommy, wake me up for presents." She then lays down on the floor and pulls up her blanket pretending to sleep.
"Pixie, time to wake up for presents!"
"Oh boy!" she jumps up, runs to the Christmas tree and is once again, terribly disappointed that there are no more presents to open under the tree. We've repeated this one about 50 times since Christmas day.

It's hard enough taking down Christmas without having to explain your grinch-i-ness every step of the way to a toddler. I'm all for keeping the spirit of the season all year long, but I can't be expected to keep up the Christmas cards, can I?


Lianne said...

Fabulous! My kids couldn't wait for Christmas to go away.

In fact, one of my evil offspring had the nerve to say, "I didn't even get ANYTHING for Christmas." Then her new cell phone rang, and she was busted.

kelsey said...

Cute! I loved "I love him so much -- so much." And the running away singing Jingle Bells.

J-Rod said...

So you're saying our Christmas card is in the trash? That photo cost us $0.09 to print at Costco, you know. Your Christmas card, if I may add, is in an adorably decorated scrapbook to be immortalized for future generations.

Adrienne said...

That reminds me, did you guys ever figure out her "Baby Rex" thing? Was folk-art baby Jesus waving his tiny stub arms and threatening to eat the grazing flocks?

Sarah said...

Well, I did find his manger the other day, but Baby Rex himself remains at large. Penny persists with her story that "he's hiding." Whatever. Who needs him, anyway?

Lisa M. said...

This made me smile!-

luckyzmom said...

So cute! Thanx 4 sharing.

Rachelle Black said...

Hmmm.... methinks Penny needs her very own vinyl (or resin) creche to keep up all year round so she doesn't 'lose' Jesus, ever.

I feel exactly the same way she does, I hate it when Christmas goes away for a whole year. And who in their right mind doesn't want presents every day??

Tell Penny she can visit me and my Christmas village and creche in July if she wants to.
That's usually when I get around to taking it all down.

Silly Marie said...

Maybe penny needs a scrapbook...

Rachel said...

My mom had to glue baby Jesus into his cradle because her grand daughter kept swiping it and carrying it around the house. Finally she broke the porcelain baby Jesus. Boy is she gonna pay for that in heaven!

s'mee said...

love this post

compulsive writer said...

Perfect! (And I'm equally conflicted about throwing away photo Christmas cards--which is why I don't send cards at all. I would hate to cause such conflicted feelings for anyone else.)

clyde said...

One man's trash is another's treasure. So I would suggest giving the pictures to Penny, letting her cut them to size (with your help) and putting them in a little photo album that she can carry around wherever she goes. I did that with my girls and the album is a favorite quiet tool in church! (Also the pics can be a very useful memory tool for when she actually meets the friends and family from the photos because she'll see a familiar face and be able to remember their names). You're welcome :)

Jared, Melissa, & soon Lindsey said...

Sarah, I think your Christmas card from X-mas 2005 is still on our fridge. I get the lights and tree down before the new year, but a remnant of x-mas always seems to linger.

kaff said...

I just found your Christmas card from last year when I was moving. I was very safely put into some box of crap... that will forever be cherished :) Love you!