February 17, 2007

Even More of Me to Love/Hate

Heads up guys, I'm going to be posting occasionally over at Mormon Mommy Wars. They have some great writers over there and I'm incredibly honored that they asked me to join the team. I did my first post there today and am going to try and do a weekly contribution. It may end up being a little different than the stuff I put up here at Hollywood Flakes. A little more personal stuff about my exploits as a mom and Mormon (big shock) and less about why Howard Stern and I should have coffee together. Some of the posts I write will end up on both blogs but other stuff will be exclusive to their site. I'll try and keep you updated if I ever put something there that doesn't appear here in case you are rotting in cyber-land looking for yet more to read.

I'm one step closer to fame and glory. Everyone should be getting their million dollars in the mail any day now! Head on over and check it out.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I've never been over there before...guess I'll take a peek.

Janell said...

So long as I can still find my daily Hollywood Flake fix in one form or another!


chronicler said...

Hey good for you. You'll be an asset over there!

Toni said...

I just read your interview @ Joe Blogs- you crack me up! Gonna have fun exploring your archives!