February 7, 2007

One Chance to Shine

What would be your American Idol audition song?

Mine would be "Bring It On Home to Me" from the Dixie Chick's bluegrass phase back in 1992. Sweet, sweet country crooning! They'd eat it up. I got the CD wth this song on it at a high school contest back in 1995 before people had heard about the band. The cd case was autographed by all the band and nobody wanted them as prizes so my friend gave me his that he won. I think it's worth over $100 now. Anyways, this particular song is pure gold - a combination of country and blues. I couldn't find a clip online. Your turn.


Lisa said...

I would have to go with an anthem.

"Independance Day", originally recorded by Martina McBride, or-- even something more hip,like "My Imortal" or "Unwritten". (Evenesense, and Natasha Bedingfield)

I love- really love- songs that I can belt out, that have meaning. That I can sing at the top of my lungs, while driving down the freeway, and mean every word.

I've heard the version of "Bring it on Home to Me" in which you are refering too. It's been re-done and re-released a couple of times. It's a great tune.

Rachelle Black said...

How about She-Daisy's version of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"? I loooove that one! What a cool harmonic song.
Of course, that is one of my favorite songs anyway... yup, I'm a nerd.

Lianne said...

I have also thought about this, which is ridiculous as I am as old as the man who came in and made Paula cry because his true love died.

I would probably sing um.... something by KT Tungsall since she is so hot right now, or Wild Horses by Natasha Bedingfield.

Or, I'd sing something stupid and be ridiculed in front of millions of Americans.

It's all good.

Heather O. said...

I have my entire audition planned. I would sing Shania Twain's "Any Man of mine", and Faith Hills, "You can't lose me". I practive in my car. My 4 year old tells me I'm too loud, which I take as a good sign.

I SO want be the next Idol.

Jenny said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who secretly wishes they could audition. Part of me thinks I shouldn't because it would just crush my heart to have Simon laugh at me, but I'm partly curious if I would make the first cut.

I'd sing Jewel, before her sell-out days. How freaked would I have been to audition that day she was a guest judge! Wouldn't that be the worst to audition in front of the song's original artist?

Sarah said...

I really do want to audition. Next year is my last chance before I pass the age cut-off and it's just of those things I see myself looking back on with regret. I know I don't have a great voice and wouldn't even make it in front of the judges, but it's become such a huge cultural thing and I'd like to be able to say I tried. Look of for me in 2007!

Lenny Taylor said...

"They Call Me The Breeze" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. It would hide the fact that I have a lousy voice with some really great music.

chronicler said...

Alas, time has passed me by. I wouldn't get through the door because of the age requirement. If they would have had this in the 70s, I would have been silly enough to go just to be infront of "a crowd". heh. It would have probably been will you still love me tomorrow by carole king. Or even worse, Killing me Softly. ugh!

Adrienne said...

I don't know about American Idol, but I torture "Me and Bobby McGee" at karaoke night a lot more often than I care to admit.

Mumsy said...

Oh, I'd probably trill out, "Per la Gloria de Adorarvi" one more time and get knocked down one more time. I still haven't recovered from my audition for the Dallas Symphony Chorus! Instead of a withering, "Thank you Barbara," I'd probably get a really good shaking down by the judges that would cripple me for life.

But I do sing rather nicely in Italian. Remember? REMEMBER how I kept singing "Santa Lucia" out the window of our Tuscan farmhouse in hopes that some Latinate talent scout would discover me? No one came. But I could keep trying...(How about "La Donna e Mobile)?"

If that fails, I can sing "Sebben Crudele," that old Italian standby.

Oh, wait. I'm 56.

citymama1 said...

"Con Te Partido" by Andrea Boccelli. I agree with 'mumsy'...I think my chances would be greatest if I didn't sing in English.

tracy m said...

Oye Como Va!

Ang said...

You just wrote this post so people Googling American Idol and/or Dixie Chicks would find your blog! Genius!

I would sing "Son of a Preacher Man". That was my signature song when I was on the karaoke scene in college. I actually competed with it and didn't get "bonged" (the percussion instrument kind, not the paraphernalia kind). I think I could have had a shot at it if that stupid Music major with an emphasis on solo vocals hadn't entered.

And, I think you would at LEAST get in front of judges! You might even impress Simon!

ang said...

I just realized that one is "gonged" off the stage, not "bonged". My mind has really gone to pot.

So sorry...couldn't resist!

claiborne said...

Hee! I had that CD too and loved it! Who would have known they'd get so famous? They sang at Drew Hayslett's mom's birthday party. Now they're Grammy winners. But we loved them first!