February 1, 2007

You Need Me, Silly Girl!

It's the first of the month, time for another blog exchange! That means today I am hosting the lovely WebKittyn here at my blog and you will find my daily post nestled cozily in over at her website, WebKittyn Warbles. Feel free to tromp through both our pages. Here's her post, enjoy the fresh blood!

You Need Me, Silly Girl

You don't know me yet but you will soon. You're still a bit young at the moment but not to worry, time is my friend. I'll be waiting, waiting for you to grow a little older. Waiting for you to start experiencing the curves life likes to throw. I can help you with those curves, I can take the edge off of those curves and make you feel calmer.

I can provide you a temporary escape for the stress and the monotony of life. I can be an ice-breaker in social situations. I can be a coping mechanism when the world seems out to get you. I can help you close your eyes and relax for a brief respite. I can help you find courage where otherwise there might only have been cowardice. I can help soothe the sorrow that comes with loss and let down.

I can do all of this for you, like I did for you over there. Yes you, the one in the pink crampon.

Of course it comes with a small caveat. A truth so subtle you won't even know it's happening until it's too late but that's my little secret. I will come to control your every move, your every thought, your every moment. Even when you are not with me I will leave my mark, subtle as always. You won't know that cough is because of me. You won't realise as you age with me that your stride is slowing down because of me. You will become immune to the smell that alerts the world to my presence. I will claim your money as well, it's small increments so you won't even notice and I know you won't bother to calculate a total spent on me so you'll never know.
You will come to need me before you go to bed, as soon as you wake up, during the day when your mind should be working, out with your friends - my presence is always felt. It won't be until it's far too late for you to remedy my damage that you realise all along it's been a game and I have won. My prize? The prize I've had my eyes on since the very beginning?Your life, dear one. Your health and then your life.

And the best part? I'm legal! One hundred percent legal for you to purchase and make use of! Those in charge have made it easy for me to control you, to own you!

What? You think you can be rid of me? HA! You think you have the strength and will to claim victory over me? Silly girl. Many have tried, more have failed than succeeded and I see you - you're weak. You talk a good game but as you talk I am right there with you, no one can see your empty words. You truly believe you alone can rid yourself of my presence in your life? Of your pathetic need for and dependence on me? You don't even fully comprehend the depth
of how much you need me, you won't win. Why bother, silly girl? Why break the pattern, why alter what you've created? Do you really think you can beat me? Come, light me and let's talk about it. You know your words are empty, only words spoken by a dreamer. You'll never be free of me.

Good luck, weak human. May the stronger force win.

Biography: WebKittyn is a devoted blogger who has recently opened an internet radio station, KMRL Mojo Radio Live. She is a hardcore cat lover and soon to be former smoker and is putting all the ciggie money into her dream of trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp. For more of Kittyn and KMRL, check out her blog, WebKittyn Warbles, located at http://webkittynwarbles.com


Rod said...

Never fear, dear woman. You can combat the demon of the smoking tip. Listen not to its whispered promises of comfort... for they are all empty, ever waning.

A mountain awaits you. A mountain you can conquer, without the beast. One inside you, and on the outside too. The crampons await!

Kara said...

That was great (even though I hate cigs- even the talking ones!)! So many ways to explore this month's topic.

Much More Than A Mom said...

Great post! Smoking is all of that and more.

ECR said...

I thought it was alcohol talking until I got to the part about the cough. Nice take on the challenge!

chronicler said...

Very Good WebKytten! Welcome to Say-rah's place, Grab a table and make yarself comfy!

Cori said...

Wonderful! Good luck on your climb can't wait to read about it!

Jenn said...

Cigarettes are quite famous.

They stink everything up, so good luck quitting. Definitely cant do that in Tibet. I could barely breath as it was!

AmandaD said...

Speaking from the other side, you can do it, and damn, it is awesome. Wonderful post and such a fierce reminder of the clutches that used to hold me captive. 6 years this month.