March 20, 2007

An Ominous Tone

I handed the woman behind the paint counter my color choice and asked her for two gallons of interior semi-gloss.

"Do you mean quarts?"

"No. Gallons."

"You want two gallons of that?"

Since when do hardware store workers judge their customers' paint choices? It was certainly a bold color, "Ruby Red Ring," but I didn't think it merited the total disdain this hairy lipped woman showed it.

I smiled and told her my husband had specifically wanted this color.

"Oh, well that expains it," she sighed.

It threw me. I'd spent all of 2 minutes picking out the colors for the other rooms and was perfectly happy with the end results. But as my smock-clad nemesis behind the counter mixed up my latest paint request, I began to doubt myself. Five minutes later she pushed the two gallons across the counter at me. "Good luck" she said with a grimace.

By three this morning, I had finished the third coat and stood back to admire my handiwork. Our bedroom now looks like the site of a Vampire Wet t-shirt contest. That's not necessarily a bad thing as long as you're into the whole Clotted Blood theme. Now I just need to buy some accessories to complement the walls. I'm thinking a big gargoyle statue on the dresser, a rat cage hanging from the ceiling and a charming arts and crafts desk made out of a coffin. Spike loves it. But I can't get over the feeling that we are both going to die in this room. Gruesome, violent deaths.


Draculina said...

Well, they say your bedroom should evoke calm and rest. There is no deeper sleep than death!

By the way, you hadn't posted for a couple of days...I thought you had gone into labor! Who is going to notify all of your loyal readers when "it's time"?

Will you be blogging from the hospital? How long of a maternity leave are you planning to take from your blogging job? These questions have me worried!

Krazy Kelli said...

Funny. I had a similar experience when I purchased the same color for my office. (I might have a hard time sleeping if it were my bedroom, let us know how that goes!) :)

We ended up with 3 coats of the stuff and it's still a little "iffy" in places, but I absolutely love it, much to the chagrin of most of my family and friends. They didn't get my "vision" when I was attempting to explain it, but now that it is complete they all agree that it turned out great! We have a beautiful red room with black and chrome accents and vintage French posters in black and white with muted red tones.

Not bad if I do say so myself! :)

Sarah said...

Don't you worry little Draculina - We just got a laptop in the mail today so I can blog while birthing. I know you guys want the play by play.

It will be something like this:

Gah!! Ick!! There's something down there...HELP ME!!!

Or maybe I should just take the time off...

I'll make sure to have a post ready for Adam to stick up when I have the baby. But really I don't think I'll be gone that long. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a bit of a blog junkie.

The Wiz said...

Red is hard. I did a red bathroom and it took 3 different colors before it was right. But I like red, and the room was small, and it was worth it.

Nothing like having a baby to get all the projects done. Your nesting and mine are very similar. Although now, I have to paint to sell the place, and that blows.

Hope you have your little one soon, I love birth stories!

s'mee said...

When I would council clients on paint it usually went along the lines of: "Whatever you choose if's only paint. Live with it for at least a month, if you don't like it you'll know for sure by then, and after all, it's only paint."

With deep colours you can get fantastic results. It just depends on what else you put in the room. I am sure it will look great when it's all put together.

Mrs. M said...

I want a tour of your apartment!

Growing up, we had a red living room. It was fantastic.

Kristine said...

I too, had debated whether or not you were in the hospital.
Sad that Mrs. Hairy Lip chose to begrudge you the pure joy of taking two gallons of red paint home.
Bravo! Penny going with you to the's that going?

Annie said...

It could be worse

Melissa said...

I love the red. And If you can pull some other things into the room that will compliment it, I'm sure you'll love it too! :) Oh, and the teddy bear with the knife in the head was a nice touch. :D

coolbeans said...

I think it looks a little strawberry red in this picture. Makes me hungry.


Rachelle Black said...

Don't forget your life sized cutout of Marilyn Manson.
ps... is that an alpaca teddy bear? *grin*