April 1, 2007

Beefy Babe Contest Results

159.5 pounds
For those of you who missed it, the contest was to guess my weight at the full glory of my pregnancy. After 147 votes, the average vote came out to 150.8 pounds proving that friends really are good for something.

The two winners of the weight guess were: Claiborne and Kristine, both guessing 159 pounds. Nice job guys! It's always good to know you can make some money on the side at the carnival.

And now for the secret awards I didn't want to publicize before:

The Kiss Up Award goes to Toni who guessed a measly 133. I wish.

The We're-Friends-For-Other-Reasons Award goes to Chanel who topped the charts at 185. I tried, Chanel, really I did. But donuts only go down one at a time.

And if this darn baby comes out a boy, Bek gets Peeps for her fantastic intuition! I'll let you know about this one soon.

All the winners get a Peeps charm bracelet and the Peeps windup toy. Email me your mailing address and I'll put them in the mail so you can get them by Easter. Sorry, nothing edible, but I figure you'll have enough sugary goodies in your baskets. I only have one of the Peeps sidewalk chalk so anyone who played can email me their address and the reason they should get it and I'll send it on out.

Thanks for playing, everyone! Happy Easter.


AzĂșcar said...

So close! The rest of you don't have to bother, I already emailed about the peep sidewalk chalk.

Sarah said...

And she got it!

Clyde said...

Do you have any prize just for your contest's losers? Hmmm... Or maybe I can keep the Peeps sidewalk chalk, if Mrs. Sweet (Azucar) is at the Delibery Room instead her house when the mail man comes ringing the door bell? :)
Just wondering!

Toni said...

159.5???? Are you serious??? No way! I was not trying to suck up, it just comes naturally! You really don't look like you weigh 159.5!

YEAH! I won something! Thanks Sarah!

Claiborne said...

This is the first thing I've ever won. Wow. Now, if I can just win one of those contests I keep entering on the Food Network or Travel Channel ($50,000 kitchen makeover or 3-month tour of the world, anyone?), then my winnings will be complete.

Chanel said...

holy shmack! I won something? Now I do seriously love you forever! Yeah sorry about the 185, Im terrible about those things so I thought I'd shoot way out of the realm just to let you know Im thinkg about ya! :)
And by the way you are the dang cutest pregnant person EVER!
Your pregnant weight is about my starting point, so I'll try to get over that!

Papa J said...

Woo hoo! I'm not a "winner" when it comes to contests either...so you've made my day.

You really do know how to spice up the end of a pregnancy...I'm taking notes, ya know! (But I'd never be gutsy enough to have everyone guess my weight!)

Kristine said...

Oops...I was just amazed that my DH and I posted comments at about the same time! *Blush* Nope, that would be me signing in under his name!

Yeah!! I won...

Kind of funny to see that papa j is pregnant though, don't you think?

Bek said...

Clyde, she had him already. Peeps for her.

Sara, you look darling and might be one of the hip-est pregnant women I know (aside from Azucar...). It is almost a shame for you to be NOT pregnant... :-)

kaff said...

I'm glad you finaly weigh more than me! But I don't think that will last long. Can't wait to see pictures fo the real baby when it comes. love you!