April 5, 2007

The Day that Didn't Stink

Today had the potential to leave me crying in the dirt. It truly did. But somehow I find myself in a fantastic mood as I sit to write this post.

Here's how it went:

A 90 minute wait at the OB/Gyn for a 30 second check up to hear my baby's heartbeat.

My midwife telling me that my HMO had no records of my medical care or pregnancy before January 2007.

Because of this computer error, my due date of March 31st as determined by a November ultrasound they no longer have record of was irrelevant. She insisted I still have two weeks left of this pregnancy before induction is necessary.

The induction is scheduled for Friday the 13th.

On the drive home, a four car pile-up created a ten mile stretch of stop-and-go traffic which I winced through while having heavy contractions.

But here's the part where all the pain went away:

I had barely passed the accident and was primed to kill when the song came on the radio. "Going the Distance" by Cake. As an Easter miracle, all the frustration I was feeling instantly turned to rapture and I turned the volume up full blast to listen to my all-time favorite song. I was waving every limb, playing dashboard bongos and singing at the top of my lungs like any insane, five days overdue woman would do. My performance must have been exceptional because a silver truck stuffed with Latino thugs pulled up beside me on the highway and kept pace for the entire song as they gawked at my bold imitation of an epileptic.

Man, I love that song.


Lianne said...

And now for my prognostication: Baby will come before the 13th. Be ready on the 8th.

I love when a great song comes on to break up the tension in my own mind.

Chanel said...

oh to have seen you, but your lively description still brings a smile to my face.
Youare the woman for letting that simple "easter miracle" keep you from loosing your mind, freaking insurance co.s drive me crazy!
I think you'll come before the 13th too!
LOVE MY PACKAGE!!! You're a doll!

Toni said...

APRIL 13TH????? are they nuts????

Toni said...

Oooops.... got my package too! Thanks! Luke loves the toys and the note inside was very nice!

chronicler said...

Cake?!? I love cake! I predict the 9th. Forget the 13th it won't be that long, no way, no how!

M&M said...

One of my favorite songs to run to!! (Not that I remember what running was like...) Amazing how music changes your state of mind. You are incredibly positive after being given that news. Most pregnant women would not have handled it quite so well. Hang in there! (By the way, I was honored to have a comment from you!)

Jenny said...

If this series of incidents were to happen to me overdue to deliver, I would have bawled in my car for 45 minutes, then called every number on my cell phone until I talked to somebody who could show me some real sympathy, then I would drown my sorrows in an oversized bowl of ice cream. I probably wouldn't have even thought to turn on the radio.

You're a better woman than I!

s'mee said...

Can I tell you how much I love CAKE? Very much! Going the distance is awesome...so is Stck shifts and Safety Belts...awe now I need to go find my CAKE cd!

Betting on lucky number 7! C'mon! Momma needs to see her shoes!

velocibadgergirl said...


I love Cake AND I was born on Friday the 13th. If it makes you feel any better, I've had insanely good luck all my life.

coolbeans said...

There is nothing like Cake to cheer you up.

April 12th is my Half Birthday. I think that's a great day for Operation Baby Drop.

Colleen said...

I love how a computer glitch can completely change when you conceived your child. Awesome.

That's a great album all around. My favorite is "I Will Survive." Now that's my belter. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing the priceless image of your cute pregnant self acting like a maniac.

CACKEL said...

doctor's appointments after your due date are the worst. i have had one all four times and left the doctors' office bawling all four times when they told me that i wasn't even close to being in labor. i always swore that the doctor had told me that i wasn't going to have the baby today, tomorrow, or any time soon, and it was quite possible that i would NEVER have it. that little creature was just going to live inside me forever and i would never sleep comfortably--even with 6 pillows--ever again.

i'm glad that you found a way to handle it much better than i did. you can always drown your sorrows with a nice shot of castor oil. that will really finish off your bad day.

Awesome Mom said...

That would be soo cool if you had the baby on the 13th, that is my birthday and I was also born on a Friday. Friday the 13th is the luckiest day ever.

Lisa M. said...

Cake, chocolate, with good icing.


AzĂșcar said...

Cake rawks so hard.

No, how do YOU afford your rock n roll lifestyle?

compulsive writer said...

So sorry. I know every day you are overdue feels like another month. Seriously!

But glad you had a moment. And you will surely deliver before the 13th. Seriously.

Hang in there!

Nikki said...

I love your posts! I almost wet my pants reading this one. If I were you, I'd go back to the OB or go over to Labor & Delivery at the hospital and start crying like a lunatic, "Take it out! Take it out! I'm done!" Worked for my sister-in-law. That, or run around the block three times, then start scrubbing the ceiling fans and door casings, and when you are absolutely desperate beyond all means, then try Milk of Magnesia.

Lindsay said...

Definitely a great song. And go you for letting it make your decidedly crappy day much better! I hope for your sake that Baby Flake comes sooner than the 13th -- making you wait like that is certainly not kind.

Susan M said...

You just described my everyday commute. (Scary thing is, I'm not pregnant.)

wynne said...

There is nothing like a good song to change a craptacular day into a shining moment! ("Going the distnace" is great, but for me it would be "American Music" by Violent Femmes. But that's just me.)

And how ridiculous is it that a computer error can change your due date? Bah. Hang in there.

(Still, if the little stinker does come that late, it would make a good story.)

Construction Deal said...

Cake will pump you up. For my, I go old school - Tears for Fears' "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" will knock me out of any funk.

Especially if I'm stuck in traffic on the 101. Of course, now I ride my motorcycle among the crazy Los Angelenos, so I don't have to worry about traffic -- just the crazy Los Angelenos.

Oh, here's a link to a Cake/Gorillaz mashup, from Party Ben, if you like that sort of thing: http://www.partyben.com/

Glad I found your site!

Construction Deal said...

Shoot - it put my comment under my "Work" Blogger pseudonym. Apparently you only allow comments from Blogspotters... (you can change that, if you want.)

Anyway, my personal site is L.A. Daddy (http://www.ladaddy.com)