May 10, 2007

Stockholm Syndrome

Pixie, as a two year old, you can be a real hassle. I thought when I shipped you off to Texas last week to stay with your grandparents I'd enjoy the break from your mischievous antics. I'd have chance to nap, shop, drool, or whatever else I thought I'd been missing out on. But much to my shock I spent a good amount of the time thinking of you. Your grandpa is bringing you back home tomorrow and it's a good thing too because I've been nostalgic the past few days. I find myself missing the weirdest things...

I miss chasing you across the park as you make a break for the sleeping homeless man because you want to "snuggle" with him.

I miss correcting you when you yell, "DANGIT" every time you drop something.

I miss coming in after your nap and finding that instead of sleeping, you have taken the afternoon to paint your entire body with poop.

I miss soiling all my towels to mop up the flooded bathroom after you have overfilled the bathroom sink yet again.

I miss you yelling from my room, "Don't come in here, Mommy!" and knowing that you are doing something awful to my stuff.

I miss you sternly sending me to Time Out when I don't have time to read a book to you.

I miss it when you make your stuffed animals hit me since you aren't allowed to.

I miss your screams of anguish if a drop of water gets in your eyes while I'm shampooing your hair.

I miss you grabbing the mouse during the final seconds of my eBay auction and making me loose the item I've been watching for seven days.

I miss finding your favorite books torn to shreds and then stacked neatly in the corner of your bedroom.

I miss it when you poop in the tub.

I miss it when you send yourself to bed early rather than eat the healthy dinner I've prepared.

I miss every little naughty thing about you, Pixie. Come home soon!


AzĂșcar said...

Today I stared into El Guille's gorgeous hazel eyes right after he'd spit a HUGE mouthful of water on me and thought, "He's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Funny how we still like them when they are nothing but aggravation.

Clyde said...

Even with all of your plain, gross explanations you're really making one simple, clear statement: You're a good Mama (and Mamacita too, of course), and Penny is just... Penny!
Diagnosis: So much in love with your wild, little red-haired thingy.
Prescription: Hugs, kisses and snuggle for about... hmmm, 10 minutes?
That will be the amount of time she'll stay seated before she take off to restart (should I say it?) her mischevious -but sweet in one way or another- routine around your house. :)

Good luck, dear Sarah!

PS: Glad you have a chance to rest a bit, and for a while, just wonder around baby Charlotte.

Colleen said...

Isn't it amazing how much you can love such an aggravating little person? Elijah just turned eighteen months and I have yet to leave him overnight. I had an offer from a friend last weekend to go to St. George and play all weekend, just the girls, and I just couldn't leave my boys!

Basic Black with Pearls said...

I heard Penny returned safely. We loved having her here. We had such fun setting up her little routines and spent plenty of time in the Not So Hot Tub. Enjoy your more complicated life with your very precious little girl. She is so much like you were I felt like I was reliving the old days with two-year-old Sarah! (Be sure to click on those links for a couple of sweet fim clips.)

compulsive writer said...

If you can miss kids pooping in the tub you are going through some serious withdrawal, sister.

kaff said...

I could totally do with out the poop! I don't know how you deal with that. Do you have classes? Or do I need to hire you out when I have that problem?

What a brave mom, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

Chanel said...

Freaking disobedient stuffed animals! Ever hear of GARAGE SALE! They need to watch Toy Story and take notes!

Lady Steed said...


Ummmm. Do you correct her to say "DAMMIT"?

Th. said...


Sorry, sorry. That was me.

Lady Steed, of course, would never make a joke like that.

Amy said...

Oh, I can so relate to this with my two year old. Ok, um, I only left you a comment so you'd check out my blog. I'm so embarrassed...I'm shameless really! Oh, and I loooove your blog. Darn that little've been writing so much less since she came along. Geesh.

Amy said...

Sarah, I am honored and humbled that a blogger like you would check in on a blogger like me. Someday, I hope to have 60,000 hits like you. You are like Gwen Stefani to me.
So I know your sister. The crazy one who makes sandwiches while she drives around Dallas with a car full of kids. She's nuts. I love her.

Sarah said...

I love finding new blogs, Amy! Thanks for stopping by mine :) I'm completely out of good blog karma lately. Since I had the second baby I haven't had time to read and comment on all my readers' blogs and I feel totally guilty about it. Blogging should always be a community thing and I am falling short. Thanks for coming to mine anyway.

That's great that you know my sister! Tell her to keep her eyes on the road. I need someone watching over her in Texas for me.

Kimberly Bluestocking: said...

Oh, the many little pleasures Phillip and I have to look forward to.