August 14, 2007


One month until the day of reckoning. One month until my 10 year high school reunion. I've been envisioning it ever since graduation. Ten years ago I resolved to be fabulous in 2007. With only a month left until the big day, I'm left scrambling to collect shards of fab to decorate myself with. During my senior year of high school I made a life to-do list. Let's see how I'm doing:

Get to college and become a geologist
Geologist, sociologist, what's the big difference? I got a dang B.S. and that's all I care about.

Walk the dog
The dog died.

Change my contacts
I think I might have done this 5 or 6 times since graduation.

Have something (small) published
Check. Online publications, but check nonetheless.

Call my sister
I nailed this one. I've actually managed to call all six sisters since graduation.

Brush my hair
Instead of brushing it, I just cut it all off after my freshman year of college. Now I just mess it up with my fingers in the morning and tell myself the tumbleweed look is still in style.

Hug my dad
Check. How could I not? The guy wears the same blue corduroy pants with needlepoint candy canes all over them every Christmas. He's an impossibly lovable guy.

Pick highway flowers
Nope. Sorry, hippie Hollywood, I just never got around to this one. Why don't you go cry to Cat Stevens about it?

Learn to snorkel/scuba
Learn to snorkel? Learn to snorkel? What moron doesn't know how to snorkel? Scuba I never did get around to though. I'm still too freaked out by the idea.

Eat a scone
Scone eaten and English cuisine pronounced, yet again, disgusting.

On Sundays only. I usually go to church looking like a flat out hussy.

Be memorable
We'll see if anyone else at the reunion remembers me other than being the girl who smelled funny.

Get a prom dress
Check. It was two sizes too small and made me look like Ursala the Sea Witch, but I got the darn thing.

Love someone
Check, Check, Check! I am nuts for my hubby, my girls, and LeBron James.

Read a good book every two weeks
Whoops. Blogging has kind of killed this ambitious goal. How about "get up from the computer every 4 hours?"

Nope. I still don't sleep.

Be completely self-sufficient
Nope. I'm happily dependent on my family, friends and church for most of the small joys I experience in this life.

Live in the north in the woods
How about "live in Southern California in a concrete jungle?" Yeah, I like that better.

Surround myself with good music
Check. We make it to a L.A. Philharmonic concert occasionally and I have the classical stuff blaring in the car every day. I dig me some Handel.

Be in awesome physical shape
At this point, having made it through two pregnancies without getting stretch marks is about all I can brag about. And brag I will.

Has anyone else been to their 10 year reunion? How was it? Are they going to laugh if I show up without a Pulitzer? I've at least bought Crest Whitening Strips, am losing weight on my low carb diet and have a killer tan. Hopefully everyone is still as shallow as they were in high school and I can just get by for the evening on looks alone. If not, I'm in big trouble.


Melissa said...

I didn't get to go to my 10 year reunion... even though I was one of the planners of the darn thing! I have seen some of my old classmates since gradutation and loved visiting with them. It's amazing how people's lives turn out. The class president was a drug addict. The total goof ball is now in the FBI. Have a fantastic time! Everyone will love you :)

Heather O. said...

2 pregnancies and no stretch marks? Yep, you'll be a hit!

Heather O. said...

Oh, and at my 10 year reunion the high school basketball star had a beer belly and was busy sucking down the suds. What a classy guy.

AzĂșcar said...

Sorry, hippie Sarah, I just never got around to this one. Why don't you go cry to Cat Stevens about it?

You made me cry at work (from laughing, not despair.) I’m a recovering high school hippie too.

Well, I was a little too button down to be a REAL hippie, but I certainly thought I was going to save the earth.

My ten year reunion? I got a bad haircut and I’d just had a baby. I looked awesome. Haha.

swedemom said...

At my 10-year reunion, I did not recognize any of the guys. They all had beer bellies, lots of facial hair and were bald. It was insane. And some of the girls who were supposedly the prettiest girls in the class were a little heavier and not quite as pretty.
And one of the girls was dressed really slutty and had tons of cellulite on the backs of her thighs. ewwww. I thought I looked pretty good--especially after having 3 kids in 7 years.
Anyhow, have fun.

mollusk said...

Am I the only one whose graduating class isn't having a reunion? Yes, it would have been this year, and my parents still live in the same town, you would think I would've heard about it by now. Either that or they just don't want me to come...hmmm, now there's a thought.

fellow HP reunioner said...

Sarah, I'm glad you're angsting about this too. I am on steroids (recovering from bad poison ivy) which I hear make you gain weight...and all I could think was "but it's my high school reunion in a month!!" I thought I was over caring that much, but man, how quickly the insecurities rush right back... :) We'll knock 'em dead, though. We're fun. (ccl)

Torchness said...

Shallow? I don't know what you're talking about... we HP alums are never shallow!

velocibadgergirl said...

You should watch Grosse Pointe Blank to prepare yourself ;)

Adrienne said...

Lord, lady... If you're going, I may go. I'm not sure I really want to have the "What am I doing? Oh, I'm still in school. I'm teaching. Kind of. Income? yeah, not so much..." conversation. Especially considering our classmates are working for big video game companies and founding award winning documentary film groups and acting in the remake of "Day of the Dead..."

PS have you actually gotten your invite yet?

Speaking of old skool, thanks for the pictures you sent me! I think those just might have to be scanned and posted.

Colleen said...

Mine was pretty disappointing. Lots of people I wanted to see didn't show up, there was almost no planning involved in the festivities, and all the cheerleaders I was hoping had gotten fat weren't. On the plus side, I was looking mighty fine and had a cute hubby and baby to show off. And one of my old friends said my presence was the biggest surprise of the reunion. It might have had something to do with my insisting we were moving every single year we lived there...

summer said...

Getting up from the computer every 4 hours. Hmm, that's a goal I need to set.

Adum said...

Coleen, who was this cute hubby to whom you refer? Surely you don't mean Jim?

Just kidding, he's smokin' hot. Tell him I miss the Dresden.

Anonymous said...

I wish i could be there... I am so ready to see everyone now that life has really started... Too bad our babys due sep 4th... Sarah -I expect a full report hollywood flake style!

emma jo said...

My hubby and I graduated in the same class so I took the shallow opportunity to go on the arm of a "popular guy" that I had somehow snagged...oh, and then we took the shallow step further and took our friend's BMW Z4 that we happen to be carsitting for the weekend. It was alright, everyone that I really wanted to see, I keep in contact with so it was a little anti-climatic, and expensive...but how can you pass up the chance to go to a 10 year reunion? How did we all get so old?

emma jo said...

Yeah, and about the stretch I dislike you...go for a tube top and hot pants!

Eskinose Kisses said...

My 10 year reunion is this saturday! I started my low carb diet a little late in the game, but some is better than none, I guess. I'll just go with the "I just had a baby" excuse. Seriously, no stretch marks?! I'm covered in them and I only gained 3 pounds with my first! Love your blog.

Kerri said...

I am amazed you have kept so many letters! I am sure I have written probably a dozen letters to myself in school and church, but I wouldn't know where to even begin looking for them!

Funny that buying a prom dress is listed on your life to-do list, though! High school is such a strange time in life!

compulsive writer said...

Try a Utah scone before you give up entirely on scones.

Have fun! And yeah, what heath o said.

Abby said...

If I have no desire to go to mine, does it automatically say I was a loser? Er...I totally can't wait to see everyone again in '08--go Bearkats!

Janell said...

The question is: did you try real scones or the fry-bread scones? Personally, I love real scones, but fry-bread can be awful greasy.

I'm halfway "between" reunions right now. My class didn't have a five year reunion, or, at least, I wasn't invited. Even if there is a ten year reunion I don't know that I'll attend. Traveling back East is expensive and a large time commitment, and I can't say that anyone would remember who I am or that there's more than five or six people I'd remember.

'sposita said...

I was looking forward to my ten-year reunion, but it looks like there are none in the works! I guess everyone is too busy being successful to plan one. =)

kaff said...

I totally thought no one would remember me and that it was stupid to go, but I had the BEST time! Cute guys were single (which was good since I was too) and the cheerleaders were fat. Not that I would wish that on anyone, but that just makes everyone feel good :) Everyone was friendly and talkative. I hear that the 20 year is even better!

chanel said...

i planned mine, figured I'd done my duty, and moved out of state to avoid going. But um, Im sure you'll have a ...a...GREAT time.

However, the fact that your dog died, you may be a huge disapointment to your class. Your saving grace may be "hussing it up" and all will be forgotten.

You're too funny!

Andrea said...

I didn't want to go to my five year, and I doubt I'll go to my ten next year (if they even have one). I'm fine with how I look after two kids, and a few of the people I've run into since graduation have been fun to talk to, but I'm just not really into it. I keep in touch fairly well with my friends. Honestly, I'm probably not wanting to go cause our yearbook had me listed as most likely to succeed girl (only because we didn't want the same people in there on multiple things, so the people that actually "won" first and second for that title also "won" other categories--I think only us yearbookers know about this, but I do feel guilty about it). I'm not sure what succeed meant to the voters in my class, but I'm sure having a BS degree but not using it in a job sense, being married for seven years (today) and having two kids isn't what they meant.

Sarah said...

Draino, you HAVE to come to the reunion! I'm going to be traipsing around on the dance floor like a drunk woman and I have to have a REAL drunk women out there to take the attention off of me. Promise me you'll be there for me?

Chanel, you really planned it then didn't go? Ouch!

CCL, I hate to say it, but your loss is my gain. If you show up all fat and covered with poison ivy I'll just look that much better. It's every woman for herself at these things! Pump those steroids, baby!

Kibler - I can't believe you are going to be a mom!! I wish I could be your kid and get some of those hot European genes you've got. We'll miss you, but if you send photos of the wee one all is forgiven.

Eskimo - you only gained three pounds but got stretch marks anyways? You know God hates you when... Sheesh!

Janell, I'm pretty sure they were the English scones - really thick, crumby and dry. Ick!

Andrea - I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. These days success is measured largely by whether or not you still live in your parents basement. It sounds to me like you've done great!

Janell said...

I'm sorry to hear your scone experience was unpleasant =C

Best of luck on the reunion! Keep us posted ;)

Adrienne said...

"I have to have a REAL drunk women out there to take the attention off of me. Promise me you'll be there for me?"

Okay, wait, when did *I* become the drunk and embarrassing friend??? Plus, I got my invite yesterday, and for SIXTY FIVE BUCKS all I get is a buffet and TWO! LOUSY! DRINK! TICKETS! Two drinks do not a lampshade-wearing lush make. In related news, my WEDDING RECEPTION isn't costing us $65 a person.

So, what I'm saying is, the jury is still out.

david mcmahon said...

My favourite is the one about hugging your Dad. I hug my kids so often they'll run the other way soon!