August 21, 2007

The Stranger

Because I'm feeling poetic... Do you ever get back those photos of yourself that are just all wrong? Cameras hunt out the strangest people inside of us. Anyways, here's my attempt at poetry:

The camera surprised me
at that awkward moment
when I wasn't there.

The 4x6 framed
a gruesome pile
of flesh
With my hair

My hair
atop of it -
The impostor
with my hair

I bitterly rip the photo
and the fleshy alien
into a million pieces
of nobody.


Anonymous said...

this is the best poem ever. seriously, ever. the unwashed masses that constitute this blog's core audience may not think so, but it's true.

just kidding, unwashed masses. you know i loves you.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Adum. This is why I married you!