September 3, 2007

Sick of Streaking in South Pasadena

Dear Hollywood,
My son has been potty trained for a couple of months now. The problem is that now whenever he needs to go, he strips down naked. It is a battle trying to get him to put his clothes back on. He ends up running around naked for 30 or so minutes after each potty break. It becomes very embarrassing when everyone from the neighbor to the delivery man ends up seeing my naked toddler when they come to the door. Please help me find a way to teach him to keep his clothes on!
- Sick of Streaking in South Pasadena

Dear Streaky,
If you put bulky shoes with double knotted laces on your son after putting his pants on for the day, he will be unable to take his pants all the way off without your help. With his pants stuck at his ankles, he'll have no choice but to pull them back up again after bathroom breaks in order to walk again. After a few weeks of him consistently pulling his pants back up, try taking the shoes off and I think you'll find the habit sticks.

This was the only thing I found worked for my husband. Good luck!


Jessica G. said...

My brother had to institute "naked time" at his house because his boys would strip whenever out of parental sight. So just after dinner, they got 10 minutes to run around in the buff, if they so desired. After about a week, none of the kids opted to take off their clothes. I guess once it's allowed, it's just not cool anymore.

Jenny said...

Sarah---you never cease to make me laugh!

Kerri said...

I guess the first step is to actually put pants on him, huh? Because of the potty-training, I have gotten used to just letting him run around in his undies. I suppose it is time to get him fully dressed each day, though. What a drag, but maybe it is worth it! Thanks for the advice, though!

Now if you can tell me how to get the hard-water stains off of my shower, I will really respect your advice! J/K!