October 31, 2007

The Costume Gallery

What are you and your family going to be for Halloween? Send in a link to your picture and I'll post the photo and your site here for everyone to enjoy! If you don't have a webpage, just email the photo to hollywoodflakes@gmail.com with any information you'd like posted with the picture.

Feeling the groove with Lexie, the 80's aerobics instructor
Website: Fewox

Scooby and the Gang
Website: The Harkers

A lion, a witch and a wardrobe! The inside joke is that the guy wearing the wardrobe is wearing a shirt with a glow in the dark skeleton on it. Skeleton in the closet. Way to pull off two costumes in one!
Website: The Three Amigos

Our loyal knight, Sir Boy and his sister,

Princess Boo!
Website: Duck Duck Cow

A flower, a Redneck and a Koala. Here's the full story.

Tanner, age 3, the Pretty Pirate. He'd run you through if he wasn't such a sweetie!

Richard Simmons, anyone?
Website: The Lawsons Do Dallas

This is baby Garrett the Carrott. Cute, huh?

Website: BBJ

Click here to see all of Jakes other costumes!
Website: Muskadillo Dreaming

Here's a great group costume if I've ever seen one! This is The Longhurst Family out in Wyoming dressed up as Peter Pan, Hook, Smee (Hook's Sidekick Pirate) and Tinkerbell.


wynne said...

HEY! I just did this over at my blog! But I wasn't nice enough to offer to post pictures of other people's costumes. I just posted my own kid.

HAppY HalLoWEen, sAraH!

drainey said...

richard simmons KILLS ME!

Colleen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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