January 22, 2008

Emailing Hollywood

See that link in the right sidebar that says, "Email Hollywood?" Some eager children surfing the web find it and think it's their big chance to be discovered by the movie business. Below are some of the emails I've received from kids since changing my screen name to Hollywood. I generally don't respond because I don't want to let them know it's really just some pimply housewife getting their emails, but as you can see, I couldn't resist on the last one. Enjoy!

I think that the movie industry should make some war movies. They should make them off of the hit computer games Medal Of Honor or Call of Duty. I just think they would be great movies if you all could make them. Please email me back and let me know what you think of my idea. Thank you. - Paul

how are the movies coming?
i amm 11 years old and i love to act
mabe i can act a part in the movie.



Hello my name is ayman i live in ottawa
i have already visited hollywood i saw the stars that had the real characters real name well i am 8 years old and i am making a movie so can you email me at XXXXXX@hotmail.com and please tell me what do i start whith making a movie
thank you.

hi My name is allison and i live hollywood and I've always wanted to be in a famous hollywood film production.

And here is one I couldn't resist responding to:

Is it true, you need to have acting classes to be an actor? Can't you just be a very weird idiototic person, and maybe be casted as an extra in a movie??

I have a plan, to send Hollywood a tape, of the way I act, I act really goofy, a way that you'll laugh at...

So.. Is it true, you need to have acting classes to be an actor? -Dylan

My response:
Dear Dylan, no way do you have to have acting classes to be an actor. Cameron Diaz never had a second of acting classes. A producer just saw her at a party, thought she had a great personality and fun smile and she got her first role in the Jim Carey movie, Mask and became a superstar. Acting classes help your chances, I'm sure, but some people are just naturals. Good luck!

His response:
Thats good for her, I wish I was more like her, but you might find me allot more funnier.
I'm sure that producer found her because she stood out, I can do that too, Everyone has an eye on me when I goto parties, Thats why mom and day don't let me goto parties, I emberress them. Thats why I'm going to be an actor, They never let me do anything fun.. My parents don't like the Idea of me being an actor, maybe because I'd emberress them, AGAIN. but hey, ITS NOT UP TO THEM.- IT'S MY LIFE, I'm getting my video camera maybe this Tuesday and well, I'm getting it just so I can promote myself, send it away to networks so that they can see the way I act,
I'd really really love to get in a movie to show with him, yes, JIM CARRY, STEVE MARTIN, ROBIN WILLIAMS. I just want to show off the way I act. cause when I get in front of a camera theres nothing that won't stop me from being, Lets say, Weird, Goofy, Funny... Want to see, give me the address to send a video of my act to. I'm more of the comedian type.. Believe me, you'd really want me...
And why do Girls get more fame then guys?? - Dylan

I have a sneaking suspicion Dylan will make it to Hollywood some day. He's got personality oozing off the screen.

A word to the wise, when you think your 6th grader is back doing homework, be aware that in all likelihood, they are online plotting their course to Hollywood. Wouldn't you be?


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

That's way too cute. Unless, of course, I start to question whether any of them are actually stalker-ish adults pretending to be kids. Then it just gets weird.

Emmy said...


S'mee said...

It beats mail from pharmaceutical companies!

Lindsay said...

How does it feel to be some child's gateway to the stars?

This reminds me of all the kids who for some reason think Eric Snider has Raven Symone's email address (dig through his archives at www.ericdsnider.com...it comes up A LOT. Pretty funny stuff).

Karen said...

You didn't tell me you were screening for the stars! Where on earth do I send *my* film? Because you'll want me, too!

Molly said...

When I was about dylan's age, I wrote a letter to Madonna. Something like, dear Madonna, you dance really good. You also sing really good. I'm a nice person. Will you take me shopping one day?

If only Madonna could see what a likable girl I am, she may want to hang out with me and then I could get on a Hollywood movie.

Yeah, that plan didn't work out the way I had hoped...

Julie said...

These are priceless...
Can you please keep sharing them with us??

Few ox said...

That would be an awesome job, replying to emails! I would want to work as Santa's letter writer.