February 13, 2008

And the winners are . . . .

First, two honorable mentions. Whoever posted the Star Wars Trumpet video and whoever posted the Japanese Workout video get an honorable mention. Those are two of the greats.

But the winners are:

1. Jessica G for the Bollywood Superman video. It works on so many levels.

2. Magi for the muffins video. Muffins. Who knew?

I really enjoyed watching all your videos. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

Jessica G and Magi, don't forget to pick out the flakyfriends creation of your choice. (I will let you work out the details of how to claim your prize with Hollywood.)

Update: I just realized it doesn't make too much sense to say that I am giving an honorable mention, and then not mention who actually posted the links to the Star Wars video and the Japanese Workout video. Oh well. I just don't feel like going back into the comments to figure out who you were. So enjoy your honorable non-mention. Or leave a comment fighting for the glory that is rightfully yours.

Hi guys, this is Hollywood. Winners, go ahead and select your items from my Etsy store and just click "pay later." As in pay never. Enter your mailing address when you checkout. This way I still get to have the items shown in my shop as "sold" so other buyers can see what I'm selling. Obviously, you never have to pay.


Jenny said...

Hooray! I was honorably not mentioned for the japanese workout video!!!


S'mee said...

wow. I just checked out that superman video. wow.

wow. wow. wow.

(although I am secretly hoping that when Thor kisses me on Valentine's Day that it makes that cool "lazer gun" shooting noise, I mean really. That was awesome!)

Rachelle said...

Hay Hollywood,
Hope you are feeling better and that the puke festival is over.
No fun that festival.

Wanted to welcome you to the wide world of video gaming, I suggest Final Fantasy or a rousing Soul Caliber 3 game for stress relief.
Nothing like beating the stuffing out of some blonde bimbo to make your day better!

Take care of you!

Heather O. said...

The stars wars video was me. Hooray, I was honorably not mentioned too! I feel so good.

April said...

oh my goodness... those are some real "treasures" LOL

April said...

I think my ears are bleeding after that trumpet thing.... UGH!

Kels said...

Happy Valentine's Day, you guys! Now I'm going to watch some funny youtube vids... :)

Magi said...

How fun. Thanks! I know my daughter will love that frog. She just learned to say ribbet. I'm glad you enjoyed muffins. It's something special, isn't it?

Jessica G. said...

I won! I won! I won! In your face, Publishers Clearing House!
What? No more flying pigs? Hrmmmm...not sure what to pick now...

Hollywood said...

Jessica, I can make you another flying pig, but I don't have pink fur anymore. My fabric store isn't selling that color anymore. But I can do a pig for you in yellow, light blue or dark blue or purple. Let me know if you want another color flying pig and I'll whip one up. And come to think of it, I could do a pink fleece pig - but sewing on fleece reveals all my deficiencies as a sewer so it might be really ugly. Let me know.

Jessica G. said...

Hollywood, could you make me another Sven, Penguin of Power?

Hollywood said...

Ha! I was sure the Sven was the lamest of my creations and yet you are the second person to like him. Just goes to show I have NO idea what I'm doing. I'll send another Sven out to you STAT.

Magi said...

The frog arrived Friday to my daughter's delight. Did you know that frog's say, "rhi et"?

Thanks again!