February 21, 2008

Middle-Aged Yeller

Behold, my latest creation. I've been putting off making a dog because they are always so darn predictable, but luckily, this little guy turned out fresh. Here's the item description:

Middle Aged Yeller is footloose and fancy free. The last thing on his mind is getting gored to death by wild hogs.

Let's enjoy Middle-Aged Yeller before he gets old, wise, and dead.

Yeller has tiny jingle bells in his stuffing so you can hear him while he dances to his favorite Celine Dion CD. His nose is a delightful microsuede and his fur is the softest imaginable. He sits on his own at 8" tall and is safe for children of all ages. Hand wash/air dry only.

I've made three animals today and am hoping to crank out a few more tonight. I'm a bit giddy because I finally made back my materials cost on the first batch of animals so yesterday I went out and bought a trunkful of new fabric.

Now I guess I have to make a wild boar Flaky Friend to go along with Yeller. Like peas in a pod, those two. Here's my actual Etsy listing for Yeller with more photos and information. It's so fun being in possession of a deranged mind!


bythelbs said...

My 2 1/2 year old is in love with your Flakey Friends. I was just browsing your etsy store when I heard this high pitched scream behind me, "Oooh, that's so cute! I berry want that owl, Mom." She was just as impressed when I informed her it was actually a penguin. "I berry want that penguin, Mom. I berry want it."

Cute stuff!

Kels said...

Awww...he's cute! One of these days I'll have to peruse a bit more and buy one for my nephew

Jessica G. said...

I berry want that penguin, too! Good thing for me, he arrived in the mail today! I blogged about him. :)

Melinda said...

I was cracking up while I was falling asleep last night after reading about the matching stuffed wild boar. You are really, really far out. Very funny.

Chicken Little said...

Congrats on your creative and entrepreneurial successes!

CailĂ­n said...

You are extremely talented.

Hollywood said...

You guys are nice! Spike still doesn't understand why I am spending so much time on this and honestly, I can't quite figure it out either other than it's just so much fun holding the finished project. The process of making them is pretty tedious.

I'm glad you got your penguin, Jessica! I didn't think people would like the penguin that much but I've already sold three of them - I guess I'll have to crank out some more :)

1stdaughter said...

Okay, so this guy is cute. I have to be honest I haven't been a huge fan of the others, but I really like this one.