Ah, Girliness!

I've tried to shield my three year old from many of the horrors of womanhood. The stiff, patent leather church shoes, pantyhose, elaborate hair dos, but it's all for naught. She simply insists on being a martyr to her sex.

I received a pack of little girl pantyhose (do people still call them that?) a few years ago and tucked them in the back of her dresser drawer. I refuse to wear them, and am definitely not going to make my poor daughters suffer in them either. But Pixie, being the girlie freak she is found the pack the other day and insists on wearing pantyhose 24 hours a day. She won't sleep unless she is swathed in her princess dresses and the pantyhose are squeezing the life out of her midsection.

So what choice do I have to but go with it? There is an online shop called Little Painted Polka Dots that Pixie has loved drooling over belonging to Hollywood Flakes reader Lisa. It's girl overload. Get a load of that tutu Lisa makes (picture from her site). She was a sweetie and made a custom growth chart for my two girls. My baby just turned one and Pixie is almost as tall as I am so I wanted to start documenting it before they both outgrew me. Pixie keeps going back to it and having me check to see if she is any taller. She thinks I can't tell that she's standing on her toes! The chart is a huge hit around here and Pixie is giddy at the prospect of someday reaching the third birdhouse. Lisa did a fantastic job but I do feel for her. She asked me what my nursery theme was and I was embarrassed to admit, "Patriotic Birds" was my self-concocted theme. Thankfully, her hand painted chart actually ties the room together! Now if only I could somehow tie together Pixie's new theme of bedtime and pantyhose.

And while we're talking girlie, what exactly is it about a tutu that is so completely fabulous? Usually women try to minimize their rears and thighs at all costs so actually decorating it with swaths of decadent tulle is quite a leap of faith. I'm drooling over Lisa's tutus. I just bought this one for Pixie. I wonder if I could get away with a fabulous tutu? Maybe if everyone is busy looking at my fluffy tulle rear they won't notice all my built-in fluffiness. It could be the newest fashion breakthrough!

Thanks so much for the chart, Lisa! I'm already trying to sort out the arguments my girls are going to have when they both want to keep it as adults! Do I keep track of each of their heights on different sides then split it down the middle when they move out? Yeah, I overthink like that. Patriotic Birds has never looked so good!


Nancy Sabina said…
Wow! I just popped over to see if I could get your email address off your long-neglected blog, and lo-and-behold, there's a post! Welcome back!
And, girls will be girls. I certainly don't force my girlie girl to wear skirts every day - but she wants to non-the-less. So I buy skirts. Lots and lots of skirts. But no buttons. Anywhere - she HATES buttons. Kids definitely have their own sets of neurosies.
Colleen said…
Pixie will eventually figure out that pantyhose are torture. I don't think I've worn them in a good decade. And it's been a gooood decade.
Anonymous said…
I am so excited to see another post! At my house we call leg coverings tights. My 4 year old is into dresses. She has 4 dresses that she rotates wearing throughout the day, every day! I think you need to have another anonymous day to kick off posting again!
Clyde said…
Having three girls it makes me follow the girlie motto "Never too much pink or blink, never overdressed for the day or bedtime, never too many accessories for them, dolls or stuffed animals" Yep, I leave them alone with their self-inflicted fashion statement and everyone is happy around here... Go figure!

Pixie's pic is adorable so the growing chart and tutu!
Unknown said…
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Janell said…
I can't figure out why so many women are vehement against hose and tights. I like them (especially my patterned, warm, winter tights).
Lisa said…
have you seen the Kaiya Eve tutus? they are the most adorable thing I've ever seen! But I still won't pay $100 for one.

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