April 21, 2008

Careless with the truth

This is Spike.

So yesterday, we stuck Pixie and Cher in their room for a few minutes while we frantically cleaned the house for a party. When we finally released them, I noticed that Cher had some scratches on her back and was actually bleeding just a little bit. I asked Pixie what happened to Cher. Her reply: "Dad, I did not throw anything at Cher."

Ha. I try not to laugh when she lies, because it won't be cute for long. Not once she learns how to make it convincing.

P.S. Sorry no post from Hollywood. Apparently all her creativity is being sapped by fluffy whimsical creatures.


Paul P said...

So what you are saying is that if we want Hollywood to post again, we should STOP buying her fluffy creations? :) Surely there is a middle ground (and I'll quit calling you Shirly...)!

annahannah said...

One time, my husband couldn't find his wallet. When asked if anyone knew where it was, my 5 year old daughter replied, "It's not in my middle drawer!" Bet you can't guess where it was?

Spike said...


Don't stop buying the animals. We need the income they generate to support the opulent lifestyle to which we have grown accustomed.

April said...

lol yeah, my son is getting to the point that it's irratating when he lies. Usually I can still tell the difference though.

Jessica G. said...

My youngest is now old enough that when his big sister picks on him, he can fight back. Is it wrong to let one kid hit the other just so she'll stop being so bossy? :)