July 24, 2008

Jerry's Final Thoughts

I was preparing for bed and made my last round of the apartment to make sure everything was in order. This generally includes starting the dishwasher, locking the doors, setting the thermostat, getting the lights and peeking in on my sleeping kids.

I tip toed into the girls' room and peered into the mess of blankets and limbs, trying to identify where their heads had come to their final rest. I had to pat around in my three year old's bed for about 10 seconds before I could make sense of the bodily contortion she had assumed. A soft pat on her cheek assured me that no monsters had crept in and bit her head off since I'd last seen her. My one year old Cher had assumed the bum-in-the-air pose, the rest of her body curled up underneath in a tight ball. I gently placed a blanket over her high-held rear but Cher's subconscious mind must have objected to the circus tent look and she rolled over with a grunt.

Not wanting to upset the magical phenomena of children sleeping, I slowly backed out from the room, tripping over the lingering detritus of princess play. And tonight, like every other night, I had the overwhelming, surprising emotion of joy in motherhood. The wonderful triteness of it. Of how the small things really do bring the most joy. Especially if those small things are two, amazing little girls who think you're the best thing planet since sippy cups. So forgive the gooeyness of the sentiment, but I'm one blessed lady.

My nightly rounds are a happy routine. And while my patting the children's faces in the dark to make sure they haven't been defiled by monsters may seem excessive to some, it's sure a nice little feeling to know that they haven't. So for my final thought: Kids + Heads = Joy.

My husband is going to make fun of me for this post, so spare me any heckling in the comment section. I've already got my hands full of it on this side of the computer.


Lucy said...

I loved looking at my sleeping kids. That's where you know the term 'A Child of God' is so true.

Midwest Mommy said...

I do the same thing every night. Sometimes again even after I have gotten into bed :-)

Emmy said...

With my first I was obsessive about checking on her in the night to make sure she was still breathing. I was so scared of SIDS. I love the sentiment of the post.

Perla said...

no heckling, just a happy peaceful feeling that i felt as i read this post. there is so much of loudness and stress and screaming involved in raising our kids. it is so nice when we can put things in perspective and remember to find joy in these moments that will soon be gone. good stuff.

AzĂșcar said...

Happiness, that's what this post is.

Alyssa said...

I had these same thoughts just 18 hours ago, tucking my children in. Love the butt-in-the-eair pose. My baby doesn't do it every night anymore. *sniffle* He's not really a baby anymore.

Colleen said...

I know I love my little one the most when he's sleeping peacefully. :) Sweet post.

S'mee said...

Just FYI ladies... seeing your grown children asleep brings the same joy. It never ends.

Seeing your college grad girl curled up in a ball, breathing the deep patterned rhythm that only security (of knowing her dad was with her that weekend)can bring is a miracle to watch at times. Seeing your firefighter hero holding his 4 month old, both of them snoring in harmony, is amazing as it is adorable. Catching the occasional glimpse of "daddy" in the bottom bunk with his 2 year old dead tired after fending off all the dragons, but staying to make sure the little guy falls asleep is enough to break out a tear or two.

It never gets old, that watching of your little ones. Even after they have little ones of their own.

Hollywood said...

Mmmm...that's great to hear, S'mee! I spend most of those moments worrying that they'll be over soon.

Perla said...

thanks, s'mee! that is so cool and made me feel very happy

mom flake said...

Another great post. You really captured the moment. I don't know why, but it reminded me of this little verse

You are the trip I did not take
You are the pearls I did not buy
You are my blue Italian lake
You are my piece of foreign sky

Then I think (not sure) my husband's sister added this:

You are the race I did not win
You are the reason I'm not thin!

Once, again--I loved your entry.