July 30, 2008

Lady of Perpetual Chaos Giveaway!

Because I can't seem to make room for them, Lady of Perpetual Chaos is doing me the honor of hosting a $25 Flaky Friends credit giveaway on her blog. Stop on by! Any other takers to host a giveaway? There is a host/hostess gift in it if you do!


Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

I'm totally digging all of these Flaky Friends giveaways that keep popping up! (I think I must be bound and determined to win one...they're all so fun!). Before I commit to helping you by hosting one, would you mind sharing what exactly is involved? I mean, it sounds like fun, and I'm pretty sure I'm game, but I'm the kind of girl who likes to know as much about the water as possible before jumping in. :)

Adrienne said...

So, dude, when do we get to hear about your earthquake experience???

Spike said...

hollywood is kind of touchy about the whole earthquake thing. but i for one thought it was awes!

jordan shoes said...

where you come from!

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