October 2, 2009

Don't mess with Hollywood or Texas

This is Spike. I got a new cell phone from work, so I don't need my old one. To save a few bucks, Hollywood bravely agreed to call Sprint to cancel my line with them. First, someone told her it would be no problem, that she could get her own plan for $70 a month, and I could cancel my plan without paying a penalty. About five minutes later, the guy she talked to called back and said "oh, just kidding, you'll have to pay a $100 penalty."

Hollywood went to work calling various numbers, explaining what happened. At one point, someone claiming to be a "manager" told her that we would in fact have to pay $200 to get out of my line. Not a smart move on his part. I felt a little sorry for the guy as Hollywood politetly, calmly ripped him to shreds, pointing out that she had been repeatedly told different things and jerked around by a bunch of keystone cops, and the fact that he was a manager made him the most guilty of the bunch, since he presumably should have trained his employees not to be complete incompentents.

After her short vent, she wisely hung up and called back for a chance to talk to someone else. This time, she struck paydirt. The new guy told her she would only have to pay $60 a month, and that I could cancel with no fee.

The moral of this story is (a) don't deal with Sprint, (b) if you do have to, call them over and over until you get what you want, and (c) don't mess with Hollywood.


chattypatra said...

I hate Sprint. Signed up for regular phone service with them years ago and they sent me a $600 bill the first month. Had to get all lawyery on them; wasted half a day from work.

I would rather die than do business with them ever again. Glad your story had a happy ending!

Michemily said...

Next time I have something like that to do, I'll let Hollywood know. Now I just hope I can keep my cool at the physical therapist's on Monday--her colleague rescheduled my appointment, but she told me that wasn't allowed because I hadn't given enough time. But it was already rescheduled! If her colleague had told me I couldn't reschedule, I would have taken the appointment. We already discussed it, and I stuck to my guns, but she was mad at me and finally changed the subject. I'm showing up for that rescheduled appointment whether she likes it or not.

Jessica G. said...

Dude, I would so hire your wife for all my contract negotiations.

Adrienne said...

Actually, did you know that if you complain to Sprint enough, they will eventually cancel your account free of charge?

This is their MO... I've gotten all sorts of free things from Sprint, but it takes a LOT of calls. Their customer service can be GREAT, IF you're willing to ask for it repeatedly and at length.

Melinda said...

Lucky i didn't get on your plan, eh? I still don't have a cell phone. Its on my list of things to do.... Reminds me of the time I was so exasperated with a company's mistakes that I told them not only was I not going let them keep the money they charged me, but I was probably going to send them a bill for all the secretarial/accounting work I had done for them.