June 28, 2011

A Musical Treat: tUnE yArDs

I like to listen to podcasts while I sew and yesterday I ran across an interview with Merrill Garbus, who created the musical act, tUnE yArDs.  My ears perked up since I was best buddies with a Merrill Garbus growing up who shared the same, milky voice and artistic sensibilities.  And it's not a common name so I ran to the internet, did an image search and there she was.  I hadn't seen her since 1992, but there was no doubt, my little friend had climbed the ranks and now was a famous indie queen.  I listened to her stuff online and fell in love.  So I just wanted to share some of it here for you guys.  I kind of think she's a genius.  What do you think?

For my other Connecticut buddies reading this, did you guys know about this?  I think she's only really gotten "famous" the last few years but I can't help but think she's going to be big.  Here's a little blurb about her from hipsterrunoff: http://www.hipsterrunoff.com/2011/04/broad-tune-yards-next-female-indie-sex-icon.html

Yeah, I'm totally jealous.


The Editor said...

Wow, you GO, Merrill! To think I maybe drove you around a little, once upon a time!

Th. said...


How did you meet her? Class? Church?

The Muse said...

I don't have time right now to listen to her stuff, but I did know she had some clout in the music world. I will listen to it tomorrow. Remember Chris Pureka? She's really big in the bluegrass-indie world as well. Her stuff is also amazing. I would love to get in touch with Merrill again, though. Awesome girl and good friend.

chanel said...

hollywood! i don't know if you're still blogging, but i haven't read you in YEARS! suddenly you came to my mind today. i think i gave you the name hollywood, you once sent me and my girls peep bracelets, and last i knew you were in CA with two BABIES! i hope you still bog cause just in reading these past few posts i see the error of my ways and MISS reading your ever so witty looks on life! plus you're now in my HOME TOWN! what up!??!

Marie said...

Thanks for linking to these! She's the closest thing I've ever found to my (now defunct) favorite band, and I now have a huge girl crush on your buddy Merrill--I hope she conquers the world and remakes it in her image! I may have to pilgrimage to CA to see her play this summer if she refuses to venture any closer to Salt Lake.